Sunday, June 5, 2011

Group Break Sweetness From Heaven

It seemed that for a little while there, that group breaks were popping off all over the blog universe.  I joined as many as I could.  Especially group breaks that I felt would yield a stack of Dodgers.  So, I signed up for a group break over at Cardboard Heaven and I wasn't disappointed.  Cam was the host and he was opening up some Gypsy Queen along with some other products. 

I still haven't actually opened a pack of Gypsy Queen myself.  At this point, I may never open any.  I have gotten a lot of Dodgers through trades from that set.  Cam's group break was very kind to me.  He sent me a lot of Dodgers from that set.

He pulled some Matt Kemp cards for me.  The paper parallel is numbered to 999.  Kemp is on a tear.  He just dominated the Reds over the weekend.  Kemp is on his way to the All-Star game and I hope he gets enough votes to be a starter.  He has earned it this year.  The next owner of the Dodgers should lock Kemp up long term.  That will go a long way to restoring some faith between ownership and the Dodger fan base.

The Gypsy Queen set also has cards of Dodger legends from the glory days.  Duke Snider pops up a lot in modern card sets but Sandy Koufax does not.  Getting any card with Koufax on it is great.  New or old it doesn't matter.  Koufax is a God in the Spiegel household.  Now, if I could only pull an autograph of his.

The insert sets in Gypsy Queen are very cool.  These two cards are from an insert set called "The Great Ones."  Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese belong in a set stating there greatness.  I may have most of the Dodger insert cards from Gypsy Queen already.  I will have to double check.

Cam also opened up a blaster of 2009 Upper Deck.  The 2009 Upper Deck blaster guaranteed one GU per box.  Luckily, the box that Cam opened contained a jersey card of ex-Dodger Chin-Lung Huuuuuu.  I have no idea how Huuuuuuu is doing as a Met.  Maybe I should've done some research before I started writing this.  I wish Huuuuuu the best of luck.  I am also sure that he is a better utility infielder than 58 year old current Dodger Juan Castro.  But, Castro must have some tricks up his sleeve has he is a 4 time Dodger.  No idea how that is possible.  Castro will probably end up managing the Dodgers someday so, I won't be too harsh towards him because he will be in Dodger blue for the next several decades.  I'll give that last statement the Spiegel Guarantee.

I will give a big Thank You to Cardboard Heaven for hosting an awesome group break. 

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cubsfan731 said...

I got to see Hu play for Albuquerque a couple of years ago, and it was great because he singled in the seventh and, you guessed it, Hu was on first. When I realized that, I almost died laughing!