Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Hits From Random Places

I have been able to pick up some nice autos and GUs recently.  My hits PC is growing rapidly.  I have almost enough to fill a shoebox.  That is very impressive considering that when I got back into collecting during the Fall of 2010, I had zero to speak of.  Now, I am even building a nice Brooklyn Dodger collection to go along with my LA Dodger PC.

I went to my local weekly card show over the weekend.  I usually try to pick up a box plus some random singles.  This time around the box selection was kind of weak and nothing caught my eye.  Even the guy that sells fitted New Era hats didn't have much to offer.  But, the day wasn't a complete bust because I was able to snag this Johnny Podres auto.  Podres may be my favorite Brooklyn Dodger.  I keep on making this point every time I post about a card that I get of his.  Thank you, Mr.Podres, for the 1955 World Series title.

I am not a hockey collector but, I am a fan of the sport.  The team that I follow is the Philadelphia Flyers.  I picked up on the game when I was going to high school in suburban Philly.  Daniel Carcillo is a player on the Flyers.  He is a little guy with a mean temper and that is why I like his game.  I also like finding a deal.  The same dealer that sold me the Podres auto, had this auto of Carcillo for only a buck.  So, that is why I added this card to my PC.  You can't pass up a deal like that.

A card collecting buddy of mine named Mike C. gave me this card as part of a trade.  We usually swap a stack of cards every time we get together.  I probably owe him a lot more since he has thrown a lot of nice ones my way over the months.  I know Dice-K may be at the end of the road as far as having a successful big league career but, I still am willing to collect his cards.  I hope Dice-K can get healthy and bounce back next year.  He may have to leave the stuffiness of Boston and just relax.  Boston seems like a tough place for people to feel comfortable as a player.  Maybe a change of scenery will help him. 

I was able to pick these two Kurt Suzuki autos up in a trade with Greg from Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle and I would like to thank him for that.  I had pulled a Chase Utley auto from a box break that I was dangling in front of him.  Greg is a UCLA collector as well as a Doyer fan.  Utley went to UCLA as you may know.  This trade had been discussed between us for weeks and it has finally been completed.  I'll get you package out this week, Greg.

Also, I have no idea why the name Plaschke is so hard for me to spell.  I see the name Bill Plaschke in the LA Times on a near daily basis and I still can't spell it.  I also avoid Bill Plaschke's articles on a near daily basis. 

I went to Wal-Mart the other day and bought one of those Topps Value boxes.  I pulled this 2011 Topps 60 Matt Harrison auto.  I saw other bloggers have luck pulling hits from this product and now the good luck as came my way.  Now, I can dangle this card as trade bait.  If anyone is interested in this card, please email me or leave a comment. 


Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks again for another great trade, and enjoy the Suzukis!

hiflew said...

Sweet looking cards...I really like the Fleer Suzuki.

I haven't had the luck of other bloggers, over several weeks I have purchased 6 value packs and have a single Torii Hunter Topps60 jersey from it. But I still keep buying them because it is still the best bang for the retail buck.

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

You went to school in suburban Philly? What town, if I may ask?