Tuesday, August 30, 2011

People Actually Read My Words

I know that some folks do read my blog.  I have known this since I got my first few followers when I first opened up the Platter.  I always thought that my readers were all other bloggers in the card world.  Then, I got an email from Reader Steve.  Steve doesn't have a blog but enjoys reading about and collecting baseball cards.

I was so happy to actually receive a trade offer from a reader.  This marks a milestone in the Platter's history.  Steve got a bubble mailer full of cards from the New York baseball teams.  He sent me a nice mix of baseball cards featuring Japanese baseball players.

This is a nice looking vertical Ginter card of Kosuke Fukudome.  It almost looks like an unlicensed card that is trying to hide some MLB logos.  It would be hard to figure out what team is supposed to be featured on this card.

Steve also sent me a shiny Dice-K from last years Topps Chrome set.  2011 Topps Chrome is coming out shortly.  I hope that Topps has fixed the curvature problem that plagued last years set.  I have seen some pictures of 2011 Topps Chrome and it looks pretty good.  So, we shall see.

I don't really understand Fleer Ultra's subset called Lucky 13.  These cards feature rookies from that particular year.  I think that there is a store in my local mall that sells clothes from a company called Lucky 13.  That is what I think of when I get a Fleer Ultra Lucky 13 card.  I think of fat teens wearing tight Lucky 13 t-shirts to try and look tough.

This was the big hit of the package.  I had told Reader Steve that I didn't have anything to send him for this card but, he mailed it to me anyways.  The generosity in this community is superb.  Collectors are always looking to help out there fellow man.

Thanks for the trade.  I love having readers!


John Bateman said...

I think Lucky 13 started with there basketball sets as at one time there were 13 teams in the NBA lottery and all the lottery picks were in the insert - they just kept the insert theme for the other sports

Matthew said...

I check in on your blog every couple of days. Hopefully sometimes you check in on mine. Its always fun and interesting to see what others POV is in this world. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

And thanks to you too for the trade! Keep up the great work.