Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Group Break and Trade Recap

I got to join a cheap break over at Cardboard Collections and also worked out a trade with Colbey.  I had pretty good luck in this break.  Colbey busted open some 1994 Fleer Extra Bases and some 1995 Sportflix.  I didn't have many Dodgers from these sets.  Actually, I didn't have any of the super sized Extra Bases cards.

Here is what the 1994 Extra Bases set looks like.  Some of you guys may remember that these cards were thinner and taller than the average card.  Colbey, also hooked me up with some pages to put these cards in.  I remember as a kid, staying away from this set due to the difficulty of storing them.  That is probably why a set like this has never caught on and became more popular.

These cards are awesome!  This was the main reason that I signed up for this break.  I love the design of the rookie cards.  They have a reggae color scheme.  Looking at the Chan Ho Park card makes me want to lay on the beach and smoke a joint.

Sorry, for the photo of the Piazza card.  It was hard getting a solid photo of this set.  But, trust me, the card looks good.

The two cards above are from a trade that Colbey and I worked out.  I love that Tommy Lasorda card.  I believe that photo was taken at Candlestick Park and Tommy is telling the Giants fans to "kiss his ass."  I really need to get a team jacket like that.  It has a classic look to it and I don't see too many Doyer fans wearing that style anymore.  MLB uses a different material now on there team jackets.

The Raul Mondesi card is a nice hustle picture of him.  I am certain that this photo was also taken against the Giants with Rauuuul legging out a triple.  Do you guys know the name of this set?  I believe it is 1999 Fleer.  I haven't seen it before and I really dig it.  It has stars and stripes which is awesome because America is awesome.  It also has a feel of a retro card which, I am a huge fan of.  Please let me know so, I can try and find more from this set.

This was the big return on the trade.  I sent a Gary Sheffield GU over to Cardboard Collections and I got this 2011 Topps Adrian Beltre in return.  I was a big fan of Beltre when he was wearing Dodger blue.  He had a magical season in 2004, leading the Dodgers to the division title.  2004 was his walk year and he left to play for the Seattle Mariners.  I should have known that Frank McCourt was a snake back then when he made a half assed attempt to re-sign Beltre.  I know now that he won't give out a contract of over 3 years.  That doesn't get you the top free agents.

Thanks for hosting a cool break and thanks for the trade, Colbey!

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Colbey said...

Did you get the other Dodgers that I sent you including some cards for your Japanese PC?