Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't Worry,I'm Back!

I started a new job a couple weeks ago.  I have been working a lot and the job has drained me and made me lazy on my days off.  Since, I started my new job, I think that I have posted only twice.  I have missed being involved in the blogging community.  It feels like I have been gone for awhile.

I usually keep the trade packages that I get organized and in order.  My trades received pile is generally kept manageable.  I try not to let bubble mailers that people have sent me build up.  People send me such nice cards that I am excited to post about them, catalog the cards, and place them in the proper binder or box.

The bubble mailers have been piling up by my bedside.  I have the next few days off from work due to some shift swapping.  See, baseball card trading must help me with swapping shifts. 

These next few days will let me catch up on my blogging duties.  Matt from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius had sent me a trade package about a couple weeks ago. 

I'll start by showing a couple very cool 2011 Bowman cards of Cy Young.  Kershaw has a huge wing span.  This photo captures that very well.  I am also a fan a cards with parallels.  I will probably have a 9-pocket page full of this card with different border colors.  Matt gave me a nice start for that to happen.

This may be one of Hiroki Kuroda's last baseball cards in a Dodger uniform.  It is still unclear if he is going to stay with the team after his contract runs out at season's end.  The Dodgers may not be able to afford him and Kuroda may want to return to Japan to finish out his career. 

Kuroda also has been rocking a cool mustache recently.  It has been taking him awhile to get it grown fully but, he still has a few weeks left of the season to finish growing one.  Good for him.

Matt also included a surprise autograph card.  This is a signature of the Dodgers 1994 2nd Round pick Gary Rath.  Rath pitched a grand total of 8 innings in the late 90s.  That was his entire big league career.  Of course, I can't knock him too much because I have pitched ZERO innings in the majors, minors, or college. 

This is the big hit of the package.  It's a nice relic of former Dodger Adrian Beltre.  This is a good boast to my Beltre hits collections.

Thanks for the trade,Matt.  Please check out his blog.  He was running a contest over the weekend and you may still have a chance to enter.  I may be wrong about that but go and check it out anyways,

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