Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swappin' Some Cards With Drew

Every now and then a Dodger and Yankee fan can get along just fine.  Drew from Drew's Cards and I made our first trade together.  I sent him a bunch of Yanks as well as some random cards for his PC.  I just got a return package from Drew a couple days ago and I was very happy with what he sent me.

This is a really cool card from 1977 Topps.  The 1977 Topps set has a nice design and will be a set that I will try to gather certain cards from.  Lee Lacy looks like he partied hard last night in this picture.  He was probably at a wild 70s party with tons of pot smoke, dudes with mustaches and chicks in short shorts. 

Bill Buckner probably joined Lee Lacy at many parties in the 70s.  Buckner's mustache could get him into every bar, restaurant or party that he wanted to attend in the 70s.  For good measure, Buckner also has his shirt open showing off some chest hair. 

I love cards that could capture a decade with one photo.  This Buckner card does the trick.  I just picture a bunch of men had this look back then.

Drew also sent me some jumbo cards.  These cards are the size of some of today's box toppers.  The 1989 Topps Fernando has some sort of a disc on the back of it.  I vaguely remember these types of cards.  I think that the disc once hooked up to a player of some sort and Fernando will say some prerecorded message.  I think this idea flopped but, I'm not positive.  Does anyone else have any info on this release?

The card next to the Fernando is an over sized Frank Howard card.  The back of the Howard card doesn't have a year on it.  So, I am not sure when it was released.  Does anyone know the answer to that?  Also, was this a box topper from back in the day?

Drew also threw in a Manny GU.  I don't think that this was part of the trade but, Drew just included it to be a nice guy.  This is a really clean looking relic.  Please comeback and make some licenced baseball products, Upper Deck!

Some bloggers may be over with the Diamond Parallel.  But, I am still a sucker for these cards.  They look cool and shiny.  Some people may think the concept is over done now that the Diamond Parallels are showing up in Topps Lineage.  I think it's cool because it will give me more Diamond Parallels to collect.  It is also really cool to get a shiny card featuring Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

Thanks for the trade, Drew!

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night owl said...

I asked for the sparkly Kemp-Ethier card from Drew way back when. I think he got his Dodger trades mixed up cause I got a package from him a couple days ago, too. No worries, I'm happy with what I got.

Those large '89 cards could be played on a special record player, so I'm told. I was too old for that stuff by then.