Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video Trade Post

This is the Platter's first video post. I got an awesome trade package from Jeff who writes the blog called My Sports Obsession.  He was very kind and generous to me that I wanted to post something a little different.

Please let me know how you guys like video posts.  I may do more of these in the future to change things up.  Thnaks for the trade,Jeff!

Also, a special thanks to Josh from Dodgerbobble for helping me film and post this.  I am a caveman and wouldn't be able to do this on my own.


dodgerbobble said...


Nathan said...

Very cool post. I personally love video posts, especially for things like maildays and box breaks. Scans and text is essential, I think, but a video break once in a while is fun to watch.

Jeff Laws said...

Your welcome for the cards. I had fun sending out the surprise package. I like the video post as well.

Greg Zakwin said...

haha, good shit Spiegel!