Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ron Cey Autograph Signing

The Johnny Rockets restaurant at Universal City Walk hosted a Ron Cey autograph appearance.  The event was scheduled to begin at 12 and end at 1.  Cey showed up on time and the event staff ran the event smoothly.  I even won a pair of Dodger tickets for a game next month.  There wasn't too many people there.  Cey drew a crowd of around 100.  Earlier today, Matt Kemp was also having an autograph signing in Redondo Beach.  Most Dodger autograph collectors were probably at the Matt Kemp signing.  This was fine with me as the Cey line wasn't too large.

Since the line was reasonable, you were allowed to take a photo with Cey.  Ron Cey was a power hitting 3rd baseman in his day.  He still looks like he can pop a few bombs a year.  His forearms are pretty big especially compared to mine.

Ron Cey was signing anything that you handed to him.  Luckily, I brought a couple cards with me for him to sign.  At these Dodger signings, it is always good to bring multiple items because sometimes the player and staff is okay with getting a couple items signed. 

Cey has a really nice signature.  I like how he puts his jersey number 10 in his "R".  That gives a nice touch to the autograph.  Sometimes I get nervous getting a player to sign a newer glossy card.  But when they come out well on a glossy card, the signature just pops. 

I also got this 1981 Fleer Sticker signed.  This card shows Cey hitting a moon shot against the Padres.  The ground also looks like it's all dirt.  Maybe this was an exhibition at a softball field.

Today was great to get a couple autos from a Dodger star of the 70s.  There are a couple other Dodger autograph signings coming up that I may attend.  It's nice that former and current players take time out of there day to give an autograph to there fans.  Dodger fans don't have much to cheer about but the Dodger players are showing that they care for the fans.


night owl said...

Now there's a signing I'd want to be at -- my favorite player of all-time.

Fortunately, he might be the best TTM signer in baseball history, so I can get his signature almost whenever I want.

- potch wheeler said...

Very nice. Part of me always cheered for that guy, even though I cheered for the Reds.

Pirates Treasure Room said...

I like his signature. That's cool that you got a chance to get your photo taken with him.

Reivax said...

Very cool for you!

dodgerbobble said...

Beautiful signature. I wish I could've joined you today man.

You wanna go to Tommy Davis next week in Whittier?

paulie3jobs said...

"What's on the television then?"

"Looks like a penguin."

"I can see that, I mean what program."

I have a set of silk cachet envelopes commemorating the 1978 World Series, got Cey to sign one. Really nice.