Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Name The Set

When I attend a swap meet, I often try to find some oddball or cards that are mysterious to me.  Swap meets offer a great chance to find some random cards that I have never seen before.  I went to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet over the weekend.  I already covered the Raiders cards that I picked up in my last post. 

I saw this card featuring Bob Feller and Satchel Paige and I had to purchase it.  This is my first card of Satchel.  This card states that these two played in an exhibition game in 1946.  This was before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier so, white and black players would only play in exhibitions in 1946.  This had to be a big ticket game where ever the game was played.  Feller vs. Paige!  That game was probably a ticket scalpers dream.

I also have no idea what set this card is from.  If I had to guess the year that it would have been released, then I would say late '80s?  It has a similar card stock to the cards made in that era and the condition is pretty good so, it can't be too old.

Here is the back of this card.  The card is telling a background story on Bob Feller.  The story continues on other cards from this set.  The back of the card doesn't give any year or company information.  This makes it harder for me to figure out where this card came from.

What set is this card from?  What year did this card come out?  Please let me know.

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