Monday, August 1, 2011

The Past Beats The Present

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was at it again at the trade deadline.  Colletti seems to enjoy hurting the team by poor trades and awful free agent signings.  Owner Frank McCourt isn't smart enough to fire this guy.  The Dodgers are thin at the catching position in there minor league system.  So, the genius that Colletti is trades Trayvon Robinson, who is one of the Dodgers top prospects, for minor league depth.  Colletti got three mid level minor league players named Tim Fedorowicz, Stephen Fife, and Juan Rodriguez.

Fedorowicz is the prize that Colletti was after.  He is a defensive minded catcher that may not hit well enough at the big league level to warrant a trade of a prospect of Trayvon Robinson's skill level.  All the scouting reports that I read state Fedorowicz is a projected back up big league catcher or a starter on a second division major league team.  I guess that Dodgers are a second division team now.  Thanks, Colletti!

Colletti has been making more moves that hurts the team in the present and the future.  I can't believe someone that has as much power within a big league club can be that dumb.  When Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier leave after the 2012 season, won't the Dodgers need a cheap outfield alternative?  Getting a mid level catching prospect seems easy to find.  Big league clubs are littered with catchers that play solid defense and can't hit.  The Dodgers currently have two of those on there big league club.  This move of trading a solid outfield prospect when there will be a need on the team in the near future just doesn't make sense to me. 

When a new owner comes in to take the team from the claws of Frank McCourt, Ned Colletti should be fired immediately.  There is no reason that he has a job.  McCourt and Colletti have done more harm than good.  Colletti seems to make moves with the intent on hurting the Dodgers.  He may be hurting the team presently and the team's future but, he can't hurt the past.  Right?

Maury Wills is a big time Doyer that stole a ton of bases in the 60s.  Wills helps out Dodger players during spring training by showing them bunting and base running skills.  Wills should have Colletti stand on second base and come in cleats high.  Give him a good cleating to the groin.  This drill will teach Dodger players how to break up a double play and how to prevent a GM from procreating.

This is my first Maury Wills autograph and it's on card.  This card is also serial numbered out of 320.  I think I am going to pick up some more of his autos because they are cheap and he was a really good player.

Ned Colletti won't be able to take away the performance of Johnny Podres in the 1955 World Series.  I am sure that Colletti has tried to erase the 1955 championship from Dodger lore because he loves to bring down the team.  But, nothing will ever erase the beast pitching show that Podres laid on the Yankees.  Podres pitched a Game 7 shut out against the Yankees in 1955 to give the Dodgers the title.  I always mention this whenever I pick up a Podres card.  I feel that the Dodgers won't have a World Series hero like this anytime soon.  So, Dodger fans must cling to the past and enjoy what some of our icons have done for us.

I have been trying to load up on cards of Podres recently and have been fairly successful.  I found this one on Ebay on the cheap.  I am looking for some of his vintage cards though.  If anyone has any for trade, please let me know.

John Roseboro is a Doyer bad ass.  He was a catcher on some of the great Dodger teams of the 60s.  This is my first card of his and it is a cool vintage card.  This card is in pretty good shape also.  When I purchase a vintage card off of Ebay, I always just cross my fingers and hope the card is in decent shape.  The corners are a little worn but, that's okay.

Ned Colletti can't take Don Newcombe's 1956 MVP award from him.  Colletti has tried to trade Newcombe's MVP award for a player to be named later.  Luckily, MLB told him that you can't trade an award for a player.  This was news to Colletti.

Don Newcombe still works for the Dodgers.  He shows up at games every now and then wearing a nice suit and cool hat.  He looks like a stud.  One day, Newcombe will throw a fastball right through Frank McCourt's face.  Newcombe still looks like he can bring the heat.

Ned Colletti made a statement about the lack of catching depth in the Dodgers system.  It was a hole that he created by trading Carlos Santana and not addressing the issue through the draft or with an international signing.  Idiot!

I picked up this card at a card shop called Valley Baseball Cards located in Tarzana,CA.  Tarzana is best known as the birth place of me!  It is also known for this great card shop.  This card shop was recommended to me by Dodgerbobble.  If you are in the area be sure to check it out.  The staff is super nice and they have a good selection of singles.

I didn't know that Carlos Santana had a Dodger card.  I am glad to add this one to my collection. 


night owl said...

I pulled that very same Podres autograph card out of a rack pack at Target a few years ago. It was one of TWO autographs I pulled out of the same rack pack. Needless to say, it was the best rack pack I've ever purchased.

Mariner1 said...

I'm excited to see what Robinson can do here in Seattle. We need some speedy, pwer hitting outfielders in our future.

dodgerbobble said...

That Wills and Podres cards are sweet!

Glad you like the shop.