Friday, August 12, 2011

The Return of Godfather Night Owl

It always makes me feel better to trade with a fellow Dodger fan.  It is nice to know that you share a common bond with someone because they root for the good guys.  I always have a ton of Dodger dupes.  I get doubles of inserts, parallels and of course base cards.  This makes it a great option to trade with a fellow Dodger collector.

Godfather Night Owl always seems to know what cards I have and what cards I need.  I don't have an overly comprehensive wants list on my blog.  I am not focused and organized enough for that.  Night Owl must have special powers to know what to send me.  Him and I have made several trades together.  When he sends me a lot, there are usually at least 90% of them that are new to me.  That is really good and done on a consistent basis.  Night Owl runs a solid blog and is a great trader.  Oh yeah, he also roots for the good guys.

1977 Topps is a sweet looking set.  The more cards that I see from the 70s, the more I love the designs that came out of that decade.  My next set building project is going to be building Dodger team sets from the 70s.  This will take more time but, I do have a decent dent in those sets. 

I sent Night Owl a 3-D Kelloggs Steve Garvey and he sent a Fernando back my way.  These cards are really cool, have a cool shape and stay in really good condition over time.  The Fernando is from the 1983 set and appears like it was just pulled from a box of cereal.

I am a sucker for the Topps Gold Parallel.  I have been collecting such parallels since my childhood in the 90s.  Gold still enriches a card in my opinion.  It gives the card some extra class.  The 2011 Topps Heritage Casey Blake appears to be covered in green slime.  But, I think it is supposed to be some sort of a green refractor.  It must be from a retail pack, maybe a Target exclusive parallel?  Anyways, the green slime reminds me of Double Dare.  That bit of knowledge in itself makes that Blake an awesome card.

Night Owl must have somehow have known that I don't buy any Topps Attax cards.  Those special powers of his really came through this time.  He sent me two Topps Attax cards of the Dodgers two best players.  Kemp and Kershaw are the beasts of the team.  Things would be even worse if these two weren't playing so well.

Night Owl also sent me a Topps Attax card of the worst player on the Dodgers.  That player's name is Juan Uribe.  Things are so much better with him on the DL.

This is one of my favorite cards of all time.  Upper Deck Masterpieces had a really good thing going on.  The cards were well made and the framed parallels were a nice touch.  This Sandy Koufax card is a work of art.  I wouldn't mind having this card blown up and framed on my wall.

Night Owl had gotten a bunch of these 1984 Fun Foods pins as a gift.  He had some doubles to trade and I jumped at the chance to get this Rick Sutcliffe button.  This shows Sutcliffe as a Cub but he was a Dodger also.  I also like his grizzled beard and woodsman hair cut.  That beard alone earned him a few victories in 1984.

My hunt for the 2011 Allen and Ginter Ascent of Man set is going really well.  I have been receiving some in trade and picked up a few at my local card shop.  Night Owl sent me a handful of these to help with my quest.  I am almost done with the set and when I am finished then, I will move on to trying to get some cards from the 70s.

This has been another great trade with Godfather Night Owl.  Thanks for the solid variety and the Ascent of Man cards!

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night owl said...

I don't think I'll ever have to worry about not having Dodgers to send you. Although I can see that collection building up!