Friday, August 5, 2011

The Trades Keep On Getting Funner

Julie from the blog, Things are Funner Here, and I have made several trades together.  She may be the blogger that I have traded with the most.  I don't keep stats on trade partners.  I send her a bunch of Phillies cards and she sends me a good mix of Dodgers and some cards for my player PC.  The trades are usually blind or semi-blind.  It always works out well for the both of us.

Since a handful of blogs have been posting recaps of the National in Chicago, I thought I would start with a card given out at the 2010 National in Baltimore.  This card is a mini featuring Boston Red Sox youngster, Junichi Tazawa.  It was a card that was distributed by Just Minors and limited to 1500. 

This is a nice card because I probably wouldn't have gotten this card if it wasn't for blogging.  This card also makes me think of the fun that I need to experience of going to the National.  The posts that I have read about the show makes it sound like a baseball card playground.

Julie sent me some great cards of Ichiro.  Topps used some nice action shots on some of Ichiro's cards. 

Here is another great photo of Ichiro.  Ichiro is showing off his gun here.  I also like Topps Chrome products when they lie flat.  I hope Topps realizes that cards should lay flat.  They had to have heard the criticisms.

I enjoy all the sparkles that Topps is putting in there products this year.  Topps bought barrels full of glitter and added it to there parallel and insert sets.  This glitter products that Topps puts out is kind of cool now but, I hope they don't over due it. 

This is my favorite card of the lot that Julie sent.  Derek Lowe was one of my favorite players while he was with the Dodgers.  He was consistently good.  Lowe through a around 200 innings and had a solid WHIP when he was in LA. 

This is another Topps Chrome card that is laying flat.  It is a refractor numbered out of 660.  I am very happy getting this card.  I have a couple more variations of this 2007 Topps card.  Maybe I'll fill up a whole 9 pocket page with 2007 Topps Derek Lowe cards.  Joy!

The bubble mailer from Julie also came along with this Rafael Furcal GU jersey.  Awesome!  Even though he is an ex-Doyer right now.  I wish him all the luck with his new team, the St. Louis Cardinals.  Furcal was hurt a lot on the Dodgers but, when he was healthy, he really helped the team win some ball games.  I don't have many relics of Furcal.  I only have one auto of his.

Thanks for the trade,Julie!  We will trade again next month.  Please check out her blog and send her a trade offer.


A2 Wolverine said...

Lovin' the Ichiro goodness. I'll post about the cards you sent hopefully this weekend.

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

Glad the cards arrived ok, and glad you liked them! I tried to pick out some cards at the show that I thought you'd like. As always, I look forward to our next trade.