Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alaskan Trade Package

I recently pulled off my first trade with the Cynical Buddha from the blog called Miles From Miller.  Buddha is a transplanted Brewers fan living in Alaska.  Not only was this the first time that I have traded with him, this is also my first trade to come the state of Alaska.

This blog has helped me out so much in getting in contact with collectors all over the country.  When I collected as a kid in the 90s, my trade partners all lived within minutes of my house.  Now, with the blog world, trade partners can live miles away and are still able to send me some cardboard.

This was the main prize of our trade.  I sent him a nice Brewers GU and he sent along this Nomo GU.  I love the expressionless floating head picture.  Nomo is also rocking some nice sideburns.  Buddha also sent this card in a nice screw down case.  That is much appreciated,buddy!

He also sent me some cards for my 1981 Topps chase.  I haven't been pushing this as much as I should be.  I am still a fan of this set and am looking to get some more cards.  Getting two hall of famers with cool mustaches is super cool.  Both these cards are in good condition too.  Please check out my 1981 Topps wantlist which is located up top under the title "Set Needs."

I also got a sweet Kurt Suzuki mini.  Suzuki is having a middling career so far for Oakland.  He was a stud while playing at Cal State Fullerton.  Maybe he just needs a change of scenery to pick his game up a little bit.  It has to be tough playing in a crap stadium with very few fans in the stands.  I will still collect his cards though no matter how he plays.  The only way I will stop collecting someone from my PC is if they become Giants.

Thanks for the trade, Cynical Buddha! 


night owl said...

Great Nomo card!

A2 Wolverine said...

I just completed my first trade with him too! I've still gotta write about it though. Nice lookin cards!

cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Speigel, I'm glad you like the cards. I still feel like I got way more out of it then you. I really didn't expect that many cards when I mailed you package and then you told me what you sent I was like yowza. I've been meaning to email and tell you I got your package and I've been meaning to write a post about it but I've been a wee bit busy with my wedding and all. And I leave for a 10 day work trip Tuesday, but I'm going to try and get it posted before I leave and let me just say thanks all the cards were great. Let me know if you come across anything else I might like I'm sure I can slant the next trade more in your favor.