Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Late Night Trade Post Featuring Night Owl

Very few bloggers out there have the ability to see my collection and fill in the gaps for me, without ever actually seeing my baseball card collection.  Night Owl is the Godfather of the Blog World and deserves royal treatment for being a trader with special powers.  Well, that is how he gets treated at the Platter.  He probably gets rougher treatment at many other establishments.

Since, I have picked up a new laptop, my haves lists have been getting updated more frequently.  I still have a big stack of Dodgers to go through and catalog on Microsoft Excell.  One day I will hire a secretary to catalog my collection.  Just a person that will type out the cards I have and let me know what cards I am looking for.  I still enjoy putting new Dodgers in binders.  I will never give my secretary that job.

Oh wait, I probably will never even have a secretary that tends to my cataloging needs.

   Let me start out by showing a couple cards featuring some past Dodger greats.  This is a really nice looking set and Upper Deck uses a smooth, glossy touch.  Upper Deck may have touched up the Johnny Podres card a bit.  The photo looks way to clean to have been taken several decades ago.

Seeing modern cards with past players got me to thinking.  The card companies will always put past players in there recent releases.  Collectors for the most part like seeing the past stars of there team on new cardboard with touched up photos.  So, this trend will never end in the collecting world.  Since, I am a big collector of Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp, I will have an endless supply of there cards to collect.

Kemp and Kershaw are on there way to becoming Dodger icons.  I am totally biased though.  I just feel the both of them will be the core of some great Dodger teams in the future.  Therefore, the images of Kershaw and Kemp will adorn cardboard in 2040.  Topps or whoever is running the card industry that far into the future will pop out a Heritage Refractor like this one into its 2045 set and call it retro.

My Kemp and Kershaw collection will go on forever.

Awesome!  A Rickey Henderson card as a Dodger.  Henderson is not featured on cardboard as a Dodger very often due to his brief stint with the team.

The back of this 1997 SPX Hideo Nomo card is better than the front.  The front is pretty cool, it is a 90s holographic image of Nomo  But, I just can't help but focus on this "action" shot of Nomo.

What exactly is he doing?  His legs seem to be in an awkward position.  Is he dancing?  Maybe the snapshot caught him doing the Ickey Shuffle.

Card of the year according to Night Owl.  I also agree with that statement.  This is a great action shot.  I know exactly what Dee Gordon is doing here.  He is turning a double play against Colorado at Coors Field.

I hope that Dee Gordon does well on the field.  Of course, I do because I am a Doyer fan.  But, I also hope that Gordon's career on baseball cards is superb as well.  He is a high energy, speedster that makes spectacular fielding plays.  Gordon is destined for cardboard glory!

Night Owl also threw in a Ascent of Man card that I needed.  I am almost done with this set.  I will have to update my set needs page up top and add the other 2011 Ginter insert sets that I am collecting.  The Ascent of Man set will look picturesque once completed.  All the cards of this set fit together like a puzzle and cover the whole landscape of the evolution of mankind.

Thanks,Night Owl!

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night owl said...

Hey, I need to get one of those secretary things, too. How do I find someone who likes baseball cards and works for nothing? Oh, she has to be cute, too.

Glad you liked the cards!