Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carl Furillo!!!!

I have finally reached the point in my collecting quest where I have obtained an actual Brooklyn Dodger card.  Of course, I have numerous reprints of Brooklyn legends such as Jackie, The Duke and Campy.  But, I have finally acquired a real,genuine Brooklyn card that was made in the 50s.

This is my first Brooklyn card!  This card is actually from 1957.  This isn't a Topps reprint of any kind. This is a real Brooklyn card.

I was so excited to see this card at my local card shop.  Valley Sports Cards always has a great selection of Dodgers.  The shop has autos, relics, vintage and oddball Dodgers.  I always at least glance at the vintage Dodger section.  I love just checking out some of the Sandy Koufax cards from the 50s-60s and hoping that they will be mine someday.

This Furillo caught my eye because it is a Brooklyn card and it was reasonably priced.  As a matter of fact, I was seeking out Furillo cards on ebay the night before I bought this one.  The Cardboard Gods must have sensed my need for this card and made sure it was waiting for me at the shop.

Carl Furillo will always be big time because he was a member of the first Dodger championship in 1955.  He was a key cog for that team.  Furillo mashed 26 homers and batted .314 that season.  I am forever grateful for his contributions to a great Dodger team.

It is now time to gorge myself with brisket and potato pancakes!  Happy Holidays!


dodgerbobble said...

Nice pickup!

Happy Channukah!

The Angels In Order said...

That's a beauty!

night owl said...

Congrats. I picked up that card at a card show a couple of years ago. It's always special to land a Brooklyn boy from the '50s.

Greg Zakwin said...


arpsmith said...

Nice pick up. Thanks for the reference to your shop. I stopped by on my way back from a work trip to Westlake and dug thru the dime bin and picked up a few 70s and early 80s cards. I also bought one of their contest grab bags for $15 and won 3rd prize and picked up a Tribute GU Auto Al Kaline card!