Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hiflew Returns to the Platter!

I am so glad that the blog called Cards From The Quarry came back.  Hiflew is the dude that runs the best Rockies blog in the blog world.  His blog may be the only blog that focuses on Rockies cards.  The blog world was void of someone to trade there Rockies too.  When the Quarry was on hiatus, I just had stacks of Rox piling up waiting for Hiflew's return.

The blog world is a better place when the Quarry is open.

Hiflew knows what I like.  He knows that I like the 90s, shine and cards of first base icon Mike Piazza.  Wait.  What?!?!  Mike Piazza playing first base in the 90s while on the Dodgers. I don't remember seeing this back then.  Eric Karros had the Dodgers first base position on lock in the 90s.  This card is from 1996.

Piazza does look very determined at first base.  He may also just be showing off for the Pinnacle camera man while horsing around in between snap shots.

This is another great Mike Piazza card from '96 Aficionado.  This is a really slick looking set.  This set combines 90s flash with a retro wood finish.

Piazza is glaring into the dugout during this shot.  Piazza must be looking into the dugout wondering why they are leaving Tom Candiotti in for so long.  Mark Guthrie is already warm.  I remember this game like it was yesterday.  The Dodgers ended up rallying to overcome a 10 run deficit against the Giants.

Mike Piazza had 11 RBIs.  The Dodgers won 11-10.  Great game.

This is a flashy 1996 Aficionado Hideo Nomo card.  The impact that know had on popularizing the game in Asia is still felt today.  The impact he made just in Japan was huge.  The stars of Japanese baseball still want to ply there trade Stateside.

Yu Darvish is the latest Japanese Star that is trying to make it in the big leagues.  I wish the Dodger ownership situation was already clear so, they could bid on Darvish.  The kid has mad skills.  Just a little more patience until the new Dodger owners start spending some serious scratch.

Welcome back, Hiflew!  The blog world will always need someone to rep the Rockies.

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hiflew said...

Either you are improving as a blogger or I am just really gullible, but I actually tried to look up the 11 RBI game for Piazza. Let's go with the former so we both feel good.

Thank you for the kind words and I am also glad that the Quarry is back up and running. Although there are a couple more blogs that at least partially focus on the Rockies. But they ain't as good as me :P