Monday, December 26, 2011

Trading Off The Wall

Trades have almost come to a screeching halt since the holiday season began.  More bloggers are busy with family obligations or on vacation.  Even posting has been moving at a snails pace this month.  Trading should pick up again in the New Year.  I miss coming home from work and finding a couple bubble mailers waiting for me.

I have been slowly chipping away at some of the 1981 Topps cards that I have been seeking out.  Shane from Off The Wall sent me a handful of cards that I was looking for.  This was my favorite of the 1981 Topps cards that he sent me.  Dennis Eckersley is showing off a stunning mustache and hair combo.  I almost would like to comb my hands through his hair in a heterosexual way.  If there is such a way to do so without being mistaken for something that I am not.

Here is a Dice-K rookie card with his name in Japanese.  That was a cool touch used by Topps.  It makes this card a little more unique.  Shane is a Red Sox collector so, he must be bummed that Dice-K was a bust in Boston.  They paid tons of scratch for his services and didn't get much in return.

Also, this is off topic, but I hope that Shane named his blog after the Michael Jackson album.  Off the Wall is probably my favorite Jackson album.  The track "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" gets me on the dance floor every time I hear it.  Even if I hear when there isn't a dance floor available, I create an impromptu dance floor to show off my moves.

 I am still trying to build a collection of cards featuring hall of famers from the 60s-70s.  This Lou Brock will fit right in.  This card is in good shape and will go into my Hall of Fame box.

Sadly for Brock, all of his stolen base records will be smashed by Dee Gordon.  This is great for Gordon and Dodger fans.  Gordon is going to put on a speed show this year for the Dodgers.

I can't remember what the centerpiece of our trade was.  Maybe Shane can remember.  I think it was the Brock League Leaders card but maybe it was this signed Kazuhiro Sasaki card.  I am also curious to know the back story to this card.

I have stated this before, but I love hearing a good back story on some cards that come across here at the Platter.  Sometimes it may be an old vintage card that has something strange written on it or it is an oddball card that I have never seen before.  In this case, it is a signed Sasaki card.

This card has a crease in it.  That may indicate that this was signed through the mail.  The card is also signed in pen.  This may also indicate that Shane obtained this card through the mail.  I hope Shane will comment on this post and give me and the readers the story on this card.

Thanks for the trade!

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ShaneK said...

Hey Micheal,

Work has been crazy so just coming across your post of our trade. The centerpiece of the deal was the Brock/Campy leaders card, but threw in some Japanese players as well. The Sasaski card was a TTM 2001 Spring Training success. From 1999-2001 I sent quite a bit of requests out during the first weeks of ST. Kaz happened to sign in pen and the card definitely was creased somewhere in the mail system. Glad you enjoyed the trade, will post your cards sent to me as well. Hope to do again!!