Sunday, December 18, 2011

Funner Than A Group Break

The blog Juuust A Bit Outside recently held a card draft.  Kyle, the man in charge at Juuust A Bit Outside, had a lot of good choices to pick from.  He had hits, vintage, and some nice modern cards.  I love a good card draft!

I think that I may be more selective when joining a group break now.  A group break is always a risky gamble and most of the time I feel lie I am just throwing money away.  I am on a bad luck streak when it comes to group breaks.  You may sense my bitterness.

In a card draft, I am able to preview the items that I may choose.  In a group break, I can only hope and pray to the Cardboard Gods that I will get some sweetness.  I have a better guarantee in a card draft to pick something that fits into my collection.  Every card draft that I have joined brings me some cards that I want.

These two cards of the real MVP, Matt Kemp, fit greatly into my collection.  I get a sweet chromed out refractor serial numbered out of 660 and a Ginter SP that I have been trying to obtain.  I had my heart set on these cards before the draft and luckily I was able to scoop them up.  These cards in now in a happy Doyer home.

Also, I may take down my Ryan Braun haves list that I have on the side bar.  I may replace it with a Matt Kemp haves list.  Now that Kemp will probably be a Doyer for life, he will probably have the most cards in my collection at some point.  Braun brought too much shame to himself and his fans for me to still support him at the Platter.

When I pick well in a card draft, I usually walk away with some nice items to sell or trade.  The card shop that I go to has a lot of Lakers fans.  I am sure that I can plop this up on the bid board and get some cash added to my store credit.  This card is serial numbered out of 50 and is super shiny in person.

This was my first pick in the draft.  I knew that this card is easy trade bait or any easy sell.  I will listen to some offers for this game used card of Mariano Rivera.

Even though he is a Yankee, I still had my eyes set on obtaining this card.  Worst case scenario was selling this on a bid board for a few bucks.  Best case scenario is getting a sweet Dodger game used in return.

Come on Yankee fans make me an offer!

Some group breaks have a variety of different boxes to open.  Some only have multiple boxes of one product.  I prefer a wide variety of cards to select from.  A good host of a card draft makes sure that there is a wide range of years and sets to choose from.

I was able to build on my hall of fame collection.  I am trying to focus on getting cards of past legends from the 60s and 70s.  The 50s is a little out of my price range right now.  I am also looking to trade for some 60s and 70s cards of hall of famers.  Condition isn't too important to me right now.

This 1975 Topps mini Dave Winfield happens to be in excellent condition.  At first I thought that this was from the 2011 Topps Lineage set.  That is how good this card looks.  Are people still opening packs of 1975 Topps?

This card draft gave me good bang for my buck.  Certainly more bang for my buck as compared to some of the group breaks that I have failed in.  My card gambling money is mostly going to go towards card drafts now.

This is a 1975 Topps Tom Seaver in great condition.  The corners are good and the card is only slightly off center.  Seaver was a beast.  I have a handful of his cards from the 70s and the number keeps growing.  I seem to be stockpiling cards of some great pitchers of the 60s and 70s.  I have some Jim Palmer cards and some Bob Gibson as well.

I really have a good time in a card draft.  I enjoy seeing what others are selecting and also fighting with other Dodger collectors for the best of the bunch.  I am already in another draft at Cardboard Heaven and will be getting another solid haul of cards that I want.

Thanks for hosting, Kyle.


night owl said...

Way to go on the Winfield mini. If I knew there were '75 minis involved, I would've jumped on that one.

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

You said FUNNER! :-)

Kyle4KC said...

I'll be doing another one in February (not sure if I'll have more '75 minis) but I'll expect you both in on that one! ; )