Thursday, December 15, 2011

My First TTM Return Featuring Jay Howell

Last week I sent out some baseball cards to get signed by some ex-Dodgers.  This is my first endeavor into the fun of TTM autographs.  I did some research on the subject before I mailed out any cards or letters.  One of the tips that I was told about was to be patient.  I was expecting to wait weeks before I got anything in return.

But, Jay Howell came through super quick.  I sent out a letter to Howell on December 8th and got three autographed cards back on December 15th.  Howell must have gotten my letter and immediately signed my cards.  He then must have stuffed my SASE right into his mailbox.

Howell must have been moved by my kind words.

I miss the old scoreboards that Dodger Stadium had along the baselines.  Those old scoreboards are less obnoxious than the ribbon scoreboards they have between the field level and loge at Dodger Stadium.  The brightness from these lights can be distracting at times during night games.

Jay Howell was apart of the 1988 World Series team.  I am extra psyched that he signed these for me.  I plan on writing some other members of the 1988 team and will see if they write back.  That team was the only Dodger championship that occurred during my lifetime.

I have seen a handful of 1988 Dodger addresses on the Sports Card Forum.  I will try my luck at that.  So far, so good in the TTM department.

 This is my favorite Jay Howell card of the bunch.  The gold foil is a classy touch by Topps.  I had offered him a card to keep and I was thinking that he would have chose this one.  I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't because I knew this card would look dope signed.

He ended up not keeping any of them.  One of the other tips that I got was to offer the player a card to keep as a token of thanks.  I will continue to follow this pointer and hope the player would enjoy a card for himself.

But, even Jay Howell must be tired of seeing late 80s and early 90s cards of himself.  Howell holds the record for most '91 Donruss Jay Howell cards ever seen in a lifetime.

I really appreciate these cards.  I will keep you guys up to date on anymore TTM returns that I receive 


dodgerbobble said...

Very cool!

The Lost Collector said...

Congrats! Welcome aboard.

The Angels In Order said...

Glad to see you got a response from Mr Howell, and welcome to TTM. I'll have to send him some cards since I need him for a couple sets I'm working.