Friday, December 9, 2011


I have finally acquired my first Dee Gordon autograph.  I may be the last Dodger collector to achieve this feet.  The prices for Gordon's auto have been dropping this off season.  His rookie autos last year were going for a decent amount.  Certainly too much for me to pay.  Since, the card companies have been pumping Dee Gordon autographed cards into many products, this has helped the price lower.

Lower prices work better for me.

   Bam!  This is a sweet 2011 Topps Tier One Dee Gordon Auto #ed/999.  Tier One is a product that I probably won't open a box of in my lifetime.  The set is too high end for me.  But, I will be able to get some singles of the players I collect.

I expect big things from Gordon this coming baseball season.  He will steal a ton of bases.  I predict getting a 100 steals this year.  Gordon will be a modern day Maury Wills.  Gordon is the fastest ball player I have ever seen play.  He is a sprinter out there.

This is what Dee Gordon is faster than:

Dee Gordon is faster than Kenny Lofton

Dee Gordon is faster than Shane Victorino

Dee Gordon is faster than James Loney's Maserati

Dee Gordon is faster than a Clayton Kershaw fastball

Dee Gordon is faster than Juan Uribe's weight gain

I could go on forever.  I think the point is that Dee Gordon is faster than anything on planet Earth.

Also, I would like to plug a contest being held at The Diamond King.


dodgerbobble said...

That's pretty damn fast.

Sweet card. It's one of my favorite DG autos.

Greg Zakwin said...

Nice pickup!

night owl said...

Us east coast Dodger fans move slower. I don't have a Dee Gordon auto.