Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never to Late to Give Thanks

I have had trade packages piling up on me for awhile.  They just pop out of no where.  I think that I have caught up, blogged about them and put them in the appropriate binders or boxes.  But, the bubble mailers must have a life of there own.  They crawl and hide.  Then they reappear and jump at the chance to be featured at the Platter.

Julie from the blog Things are Funner Here sent me some great cards.  I am trying to complete Dodger Topps sets from the 70s.  Julie sent me two 79s of Charlie Hough and Manny Mota.  This puts me a little closer to completing the team sets from the 70s.  I am still very far away from accomplishing my goal because the sets are huge each year.  I hope to at least complete one year by the end of 2011.

This is a 2009 Bowman Blue Clayton Kershaw #ed/500.  I am a fan of parallels because they look good in a binder.  When you get a bunch of parallels and set them in a plastic page, the whole page just pops with colors.

The blue border of this card looks really nice.  It gives the appearance of 60s cool.  Bowman gives this card a non-intended retro look.

The first card is a 2010 Topps reprint of a late 90s card.  It makes me feel old when cards of my youth are being reprinted.  Topps shouldn't have done this.  It is way to soon to be reprinting cardboard from the 90s.  I also don't remember this card being considered a classic that Topps just had to remake. 

I do remember the interleague match-up between the Dodgers and Mariners in the late 90s to be pretty cool.  As a kid, I had a great time getting to watch Ken Griffey Jr. play at Dodger Stadium.  The Mariners had some really good teams back then.

Julie also sent me a bunch of Ichiro cards.  The 2004 Fleer Ultra Ichiro is my favorite one of the bunch.  The photo is great and Ichiro is in deep concentration just before he walks up to the plate to do some damage.

Things are Funner Here is hosting a contest.  Please head on over and take a peak.

I also got a package from David of the greatly named blog called e rayahahn, rayhahn.  I got David's bubble mailer about a month ago.  I forget what I sent his way.  It must have been something good to get this 2008 Upper Deck X Andre Ethier GU.

I am not sure about the background of this card.  I do know that this is a card featuring Ichiro.  This card is shaped like a square as opposed to a rectangle.  I do want to know more about this set.  The card is a 2009 Fan Pak Headlines.

Did this card come from a Mariners fan pack?  Was this a Seattle giveaway? 

I would like to thank both of you for the great cards.  Keep up the great work on your blogs.

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