Monday, November 7, 2011

Highlights from the Mailbox

I have been spending the last few days putting away a lot of the cards that have been gathering on my nightstand.  I have chipped away at a handful of some of the card stacks.  I have also been putting cards in a new 4000 count box I just purchased.  But, after organizing some of my cards, I decided it was time to have some fun and go through some of the trade packages that some kind bloggers have sent my way.

These bubble mailers have been compiling for several weeks.  Some of the contents have slipped my mind already.  So, last night I went through some of them and it was like opening them for the first time. 

I love trading with the blog world.  There are so many cards out there and new ones being made.  My collection will become infinite.  The collection at Platter Estates will continue to grow forever.  These past few days have made me feel content with the stacks of cardboard that i have sitting by my bedside.  Those stacks will fluctuate in size forever.

The first package comes from the awesome trade partner named the Diamond King.  The Diamond King always comes through with sending me great cards.  He even set this 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Edition Hideo Nomo Promo card for me. 

Cards like these were super hot in the 90s.  Card companies seemed to enjoy making and handing these cards out to dealers, collectors and probably stuck these in Christmas cards during the holidays.  I really enjoy tracking these cards down.  They were made in the greatest card making decade and a lot of Dodgers seem to be featured on 90s promo cards.

The Diamond King also sent me another package shortly after the first package arrived.  He sent this one out of the kindness of his own heart.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

So, for him being such a cool dude, I added two links to his blog on this post because the Platter treats its VIPs right.

This bubble mailer contained a great mix of Dodgers.  The Diamond King must have a vast collection and tons of trade bait.  He sends me cards sometimes that I have never seen before.  Maybe he will send me other things that I have never seen before like an elf or a beautiful donkey.  If those items exist in a trade.

The above card is a 2002 Fleer Showcase Hideo Nomo.  This card is framed nicely with a blurred, double image of Nomo.  This set looks pretty sweet.  I may need to get a box of this set sent over to the Platter.

I am a big fan of the 2011 Topps Lineage set.  I know that some people feel that Topps is exhausting the use of parallels.  Lineage parallels look cool, though.  This Duke Snider that was sent to me by Chris at Nacho Grande.  This card is super shiny and the colored photo of Snider really pops out in person.  This card is very eye catching.

The Lineage set also has the cool cloth sticker parallel and the '75 Topps mini insert.  This set exceeded my expectations and hope that it shows back up at my local Target for the 2012 season.

 I recently completed a trade with Joe over at the blog, The Sandlot.  Joe is a Mets collector and a huge Mike Piazza fan.  I am sure that Joe is a bigger Piazza Mets fan as opposed to a Piazza Dodger fan like myself.  Mets fans will never be able to cherish Piazza's 1997 season as a Dodger like I do.  Just had to point that out.  Sorry.....

The key to this trade was this serial numbered Scott Elbert card.  It is numbered out of 150.  The green border on the 2009 A Piece of History cards looks a lot better than the drab gray borders of the base set. 

I actually just sent a return package to New York with Joe's name on it.  I apologize for the delay.  Expect the bubble mailer to get there by the middle of the week.

This mega trade post has to end on a high note.  That is why I am showing you guys two cards of Kristi Yamaguchi.  She is a gold medalist, a dancing champion and an attractive woman.  Thank you Topps for including this in your Ginter set.

I would also like to thank Spankee for sending these cards my way.  They have found a good home, friend.  Spankee must be a cool dude because on top of sending me some nice cards he also has a banner on his blog featuring Charlie Ma-Sheen. 

I am going to have to trade with this Spankee dude more often.

Thank you all for the nice cards that you sent me.  This kind of clears some space for me now.  So, expect a trade bait post coming up to get some fall time trading going.


Spankee said...

You are right on two things: Kristi Yamaguchi is an attractive woman, and Spankee is a cool dude.

The Diamond King said...

You shoulda let me know you wanted beautiful donkeys!! But I just sent out my last one for grading.

Perhaps you would be interested in an ugly donkey in VG+ condition? Let me know!