Monday, November 28, 2011

We Share the Same Obsession

Jeff of My Sports Obsession and I share a passion for trading.  I try to get trades together every week.  The weekly trip to the post office is part of my routine.  I am sure that Jeff has a similar routine.  Some trades don't come together after some emails are exchanged.  Some trades are quite simple.

Spiegel:  "White Sox for Dodgers?"

Jeff:  "Deal"

It is that simple when we get a trade going.

I love the blog world.  Where else would I come in contact with a White Sox fan?

This Conlon card of Zach Wheat was apart of a group of Conlon cards that were sent to me.  Jeff had a post featuring some cards from this set and I had to snatch up the Brooklyn players.

Zach Wheat is a Dodger legend.  He holds team records such as hits and doubles.  In 1923 and 1924 Wheat hit .375.  That is beast! Back to back years of such a high average.  If this dude played on the Dodgers right now, I would be wearing his jersey in the Left Field Pavilion at Dodger Stadium.

These are two very odd photo choices in the 1978 Topps set.  The card shows Dusty Baker and Tommy John just gazing into the stands.  How about a cool action shot of Baker running the bases? What about a picture of Tommy John at the plate?

Even a typical 70s photo of dude holding a bat during spring training trying to look serious would have been better.

I also hope that in both instances the players were scoping out some hot chicks.  Judging by the smile on Dust Baker's face, I am sure he has found a lovely honey.  Tommy John's face says he has found the looks of mediocrity.

   Jeff sent me this card which is in really nice shape.  This card along with some other 70s Topps Dodgers that were included in the bubble mailer, inches me a little closer to completing a team set.

I need to start pointing out cool sideburns more often.  I, myself, have cool sideburns.  So, I should compliment others that are in the same club.

The sideburns gave you the power to pitch in 106 games in one season, Mike Marshall.

Thanks for the trade!

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Jeff Laws said...

I'd trade with you more often but there's too many Dodger bloggers. I can't keep Dodger cards around anymore.

The simple trades are best. And it's always a nice surprise when you don't know everything that is coming. I prefer those.

Thank you for the trade.