Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trading Cards With The Emerald City

The Emerald City is a great nickname for Seattle.  The nickname makes it seem like a pleasant place to hangout.  Some city nicknames don't fit the city for which it is named.

An example is Los Angeles being known as the City of Angels.  I know that Los Angeles means "the angels."  But, when I hear "City of Angels," I first think of a heavenly place, where nothing bad ever happens.  Los Angeles is a city with a lot of sinners.  Some of these sinners have been famous such as O.J. Simpson or Phil Spector.  The name doesn't match the city.

Another city nickname that doesn't quite work is the "City of Brotherly Love."  Philadelphia is know for thuggish sports fans and is a hard drinking town.  Combine sports passion and pints of lager and the "Love" gets thrown out the window.  The nickname should be changed to the "City of Brotherly Love Unless Your From A Different City And Then We Hate You."

The nickname is long but, fits the city a lot better.

I made a trade with a Mariners fan over at the blog called Emerald City Diamond Gems.  Mariner1 is a great trader and has the best Seattle Mariners blog in the community.  He may have the only Mariners blog that I have seen.  So, it is a joyous occasion to send some Mariners that have been piling up in my trade box.

Jerry Reuss was a solid pitcher for the Dodgers in the 80s.  Reuss has the appearance of a nice grandpa.  He even looks like a nice grandpa during his playing days.

Fleer has made some really nice sets over the years.  I have a fond memory of Fleer because I collected a lot of there product during my childhood.  In the 90s especially, Fleer was using great photos and had sweet looking inserts.  By the time that I got back into collecting about a year ago, Fleer was gone.  But, I still am searching for some Fleer from the past.

Mariner1 was nice enough to send me some Mike Scioscia cards from the 80s.  I am a big fan of the 1988 Fleer set.  It has a good ol' American look to it.  Baseball and America are a power combo.  The photo shows Scioscia determined to block the plate in order to tag out a Giant.

My 1981 Topps chase rolls on.  I needed these two Dodger cards.  The Yeager is my favorite of the two.  Even though, the Rick Monday action shot is nice.  Monday just doesn't look as cool lining a double in the gap as Yeager does standing in his gear.

Mariner1 also sent me some 1981 Topps cards featuring hall of fame dudes.  I really hope the Astros bring back the orange uniforms.  The brightness of Nolan Ryan's hat really stands out.  It stands out a lot because these cards almost seem pack pulled.  They are both in really nice shape.  These two along with a few others that were sent my way, puts me even closer to finishing my 1981 Topps Chase.

Thank You Emerald City!

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Mariner1 said...

Glad that you got some stuff you could use and add to your collections. Thanks again for the Mariners cards and I will keep looking for more to fit your needs.