Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Helping My PC At the Rose Bowl Swap Meet

About a couple weeks ago, I headed over to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet.  My sister had a booth there and I wanted to go to check out some sports memorabilia.  The swap meet always has some random sports items for sale as well as some baseball cards.

There wasn't many people there that day.  The crowd was abnormally slim especially with the December holidays right around the corner.  That was bad for my sister and the other vendors.  But, it was good for the consumer with less competition when negotiating on the price.

     One vendor had a really good mix of sports cards.  She had some autos, game used, vintage and even oddball.  I searched through her 5000 count boxes seeing if I could find some cardboard sweetness.

I was needing a 1975 Topps Bill Russell for my Dodgers team set.  I recently printed out the checklist for all the 70s Topps Dodger cards.  Just seeing the whole list made me realize what a tough task collecting all of them will be.  I am going to try and stockpile Dodger cards from this era whenever I get the chance.

The next card that I picked up was a 1979 Topps Davey Lopes.  Topps must of had a habit of using player photos on there cards with trees in the background.  Shots like these show that Topps must be using the same photography techniques as the guys who photograph Little League teams.

I was also able to snag a 1964 Topps Phil Ortega. I have so little 60s Dodger cards that when I see a cheap one I buy it knowing that I probably need it.  This card is in decent condition and was really cheap.  That works for me.

This is a really kick ass vintage card featuring four hall of famers.  I also would like to say that I would not have bought this card if Juan Marichal was the top photo.  Tom Seaver stands out the most with the big boy photo that I don't recognize Marichal as much.

Besides building 70s Topps Dodger team sets, another newer PC for me is vintage cards of dudes in the hall of fame.  This card fits nicely.  If you dig around for cards enough, your able to find some cool vintage cards featuring legends at a good price.

I love finding random TCMA cards featuring Dodgers.  I also never seem to be able to find more than one Dodger per any box that I am searching through.  I always seem to find just one Dodger TCMA and never a whole stack of them to purchase.  The cardboard gods are a tease sometimes.

One more thing on this Pee Wee Reese, the back of this card refers tom him as the "Little Colonel."  Did you guys know he went by that nickname?

Here is a nice 1991 ABQ Dukes Eric Karros card.  Karros is wearing a cheap looking hat.  It looks below even beer league standards.  Luckily, Karros made it to the bigs and got to wear a Dodger cap.

Someday I am going to count and catalog all my Eric Karros cards.  He played in the 90s and was on millions of baseball cards.  Karros may be in the top five for me as far as most cards owned by a single player.

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EggRocket said...

I read once where Johnny Bench was called "The Little General". But I never actually heard him called that.