Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Bar Trade

Last Sunday the Oakland Raiders took on the Minnesota Vikings.  I went down to my bar hangout that I go to watch Raider games.  I was meeting some friends there to drink beers and root on the Raiders.  One of my friends owed me an auto for an Al Oliver auto that I traded him.  He has a killer Dodger collection so, I knew that he had something good to give me.

He gave me this sweet Pedro Guerrero auto!  I didn't have a Guerrero auto yet and I also haven't seen to many of his autos.  Guerrero seemed to have trouble fitting his whole signature on the sticker.  He just combined Pedro and Guerrero into a one word pile of blue ink.

This may have been my third post on a trade in a bar.  The bar trade posts may be the Platter's signature dish.

Have any of you readers traded in a bar since reading my posts?

I highly recommend doing it on a football Sunday.  You get beer, football, and cards all in the same place.

I also got to see the Raiders beat the Vikings.  First place AFC West!

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