Friday, November 25, 2011

The Platter Roots for the Hobbs' Knights

You may have noticed that I have been posting a lot more than usual.  The reason being is that I bought a new laptop a few days ago.  Now I can post at anytime of the day. The faithful readers of the Platter get more content to read on a daily basis.

Well, I at least hope to keep up at a rate of a post a day.

The people that are late night readers get a treat tonight from the Platter.  It is a midnight post.  There is someone out there in the blog world right now that is just surfing the net looking for baseball card content.  That is what I am gonna deliver for that dude.

That dude is getting a trade post to read!

Jason of Hobbs' Knights and I made a Orioles for Dodgers swap.  I'll start by showing 2011 Cy Young award winner, Clayton Kershaw.  Kershaw is so good that he makes me want to work more so, I have more cash to buy more of his cards.  Clayton Kershaw will makes me work harder and wins ballgames for Los Doyers.

The 2011 Allen and Ginter Kershaw is one of the best of the set.  The tossing of the ball up in the air while looking ahead is smooth.  Kershaw is a Jedi.

I also don't think that I have seen all that 2011 Gypsy Queen has to offer.  I think this may be my first Gypsy Queen mini with a red Gypsy Queen back.  I wish I had opened more of this product while it was still available.

Napkin Doon is going after the Gypsy Queen master set.  He recently posted some cards that he got in a trade from this set.  Some of those cards looked totally new to me.  Even though these cards were released months ago.

Jason hopped on board the bandwagon and sent me some 70s Topps Dodgers.  Jason as well as some of my other trade partners have been sending me Dodger cards from the 70s recently.  You guys are helping me chip away at the team sets.

Elias Sosa with some nice mutton chops.

The more I see 1976 Topps cards the more I dig the design.  The bottom logo and color scheme is eye catching.  It makes the card really recognizable.  1976 Topps doesn't have any clones or copycat sets that get me confused.

This is a 1997 Topps Finest Ramon Martinez card.  Nothing says the 90s like the plastic, protective coating over a luxury card.  This set was top notch back in the day.  The Finest set is still slick with a flashy design.

Should I peel this coating off?

I have gotten a lot of 90s cards with the protective coating on them over the years.  I am pretty sure that I have never peeled it off.  I don't want to damage the card.  Cards should look the same as they did fresh from the pack.  Even when I pull a 2011 Lineage '75 Mini relic from a blaster, I still keep the card in the sealed, plastic bag.

I still am tempted to peel this plastic off.....

I got some more Topps Stickers!  I hope to get doubles of the players I collect so, I can stick them somewhere.  I would like to stick some of them on my card binders or a wall of a dive bar.  Either place will do.

Thanks for the cards and stickers, Jason!

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