Sunday, November 13, 2011

New School/Old School Trade Bait

I have a couple trades that I am working on with some bloggers right now.  But, I do have room to fill in for other trades.  I am a trading addict.  Trading baseball cards is the main reason that I started this blog.  I am totally hooked on opening up bubble mailers from bloggers and getting some great cards.  I think it is better than opening up a hobby pack.  A trade package from the blog world never disappoints.

This blog has had some perks that I didn't think would come about.  I didn't think I would makes friends within the card community.  I also didn't think that I would receive a surprise card package from a fellow blogger.  The generosity and kindness of the blog world has exceeded my expectations. 

If you are a reader of blogs, please think about entering the blog world.  My collection has grown leaps and bounds since the Platter opened.  The blog world is a good cult to be apart of.  We aren't the creepy,dark kind of cult neither.  We are the good folks!

Let me start by showing the vintage that I have for trade.  The elders of baseball deserve to go first over the new school cards that I will show later in this post.

This is a 1967 Topps Tony Oliva.  For the longest time, I thought that Oliva was in the hall of fame.  I had this card in a top loader in a box with my vintage hall of fame collection.  Then, I saw Oliva's name on the current Veteran's Committee ballot and realized that he isn't in Cooperstown.  That is why this card is up for trade.  It just doesn't fit into my collection.

Tony Oliva isn't the only player that I thought was in the hall of fame but, was instead in the hall of very good.  Sadly, at one point I thought Maury Wills was enshrined in Cooperstown.  Oops!  I also thought that Dave Concepcion was elected in the hall of fame.  Wrong again!  I had my mind made up that Minnie Minnoso had a plaque in the hall.  Darn!

So, Tony Oliva shouldn't offended that I had a misguided view of his legacy.  I just never did the research on the subject.  But, now I have a list of all the people that are in the hall of fame.  This mix up should never be a problem ever again.

Here is another member of the hall of very good.  This is a crisp looking 1973 Topps Tug McGraw.  The colors on this card really blend well.  Also, the word "Hammer" is written on his glove.  Was that McGraw's nickname?  I thought Tug was his nickname or did he have two nicknames?

This card is available for trade.  I am trying to accumulate some 70s Dodgers and would love to get one in return for this card.

Now, onto the new school trade bait.  Here I have a 2011 Topps 60 Lorenzo Cain autograph.  Cain may be in the Royals starting line-up in 2012 due to the trade of Melky Cabrera.  Cain was also apart of the Zach Greinke to the Brewers trade.

This card states the 2006 South Atlantic Batting Average Leaders.  Kind of an odd leaders list to include on a 2011 card.  Check out the top 5 players on this list:

1. Eugenio Velez .315
2. Jeremy Slayden .310
3. Lorenzo Cain .307
4. Aaron Cunningham .305
5. Cole Garner .302

Not a list of stud ballplayers from the 2006 South Atlantic League.  It also sickens me to see Eugenio Velez lead a league in anything positive.

This card may be the biggest hit that I have for trade.  I pulled this Clay Buchholz jersey/auto #ed/999 out of a 2008 SP Authentic box.  His signature is kind of weak.  It looks like three squiggles.  He may have been pounding some beers when he was signing these and was too drunk to care.  That was the strategy of the 2011 Red Sox.  Drink beer till you stop caring.

I expect a solid Dodger in return for this one.  It is really nice and there are enough Red Sox collectors out there, that someone may want this auto.

Please let me know if any of these cards above interest you.  I will be heading over to the post office in the middle of the week.


dodgerbobble said...

"Drink beer till you stop caring"

My motto.

Jason C. said...

Im interested in the 67' Topps Oliva.I have a two vintage dodgers, 76' Topps Manny Mota and 77' Elias Sosa and a nice stack of modern dodgers. Let me know if you are interested in trading.