Monday, March 18, 2013

That Is How It Is Done

Being able to write a solid trade post is a basic element of being a baseball card blogger.  A trade post may be the most common type of post written by members of the blog world.  It is a good way to show appreciation to the person that sent a bundle of cardboard your way.  Sometimes I feel extra pressure in writing one of these trade posts.  I want to show proper respect, not only because of the cards that I have received, but also to show respect to the blogger who's writing that I enjoy.

Nick, from the blog famous Dime Boxes blog, is one of the better writers that the card collecting community has.  His posts are frequent, well worded and just plain interesting.  I have read almost all of his posts and sometimes if I miss a few, I will go back and read them to catch up.  Nick may mention a little collecting endeavor that he is working on such as players signing autographs or players dressed in clothes that aren't their baseball uniforms.  I don't want to miss out on what type of new category that Nick is going to collect next.

Take the time to check out his blog and you will come away impressed.  When it comes time to type a trade post about a blogger with superior writing skills to me, that adds some pressure not to disappoint the one reader that will greatly appreciate the words that I am typing.

If you are a new blogger or are looking to get into the blog world, please take a gander at a trade post that Nick wrote.  That is the blue print for how to write one up, that your fellow blogger will appreciate.

Now let me show you some of the top cards that Nick sent my way.  Not only can he write well, but Nick knows how to bundle up some quality cards that make it to my mailbox.

The first card that I would like to show off is a card featuring me.  This picture of my likeness was.....wait one second.  This card has Ichiro's name written on the bottom.

This must be some sort of super rare error card.  No wonder Major League Baseball gave Topps an exclusive license instead of Panini.  Topps never makes errors this egregious.

Now here is an actual baseball card of Ichiro.  This a great action shot of Ichiro slapping a double down the line at Wrigley Field.  If you look really close, you can see Cubs fan Nick in the background.  Those are some nice seats which may be hard to come by in Chicago due to a smallish stadium and a large fan base.

I still don't have an actual, genuine Dodger Frank Robinson card.  This is as close as it gets for me.  I have a reprint of a Dodger Frank Robinson card but, I don't count that.  This was a sadly airbrushed 1973 Topps card of Robinson.

This card is so close to being a Dodger card.  Robinson is in a Dodger uniform, this photo was taken at Dodger Stadium and the game was played against the Phillies.  The team name of the California Angels sticks out and it feels like it is being rubbed in my face.

I also find it arrogant that at one point in the Angels history, they claimed to be the team of California.  I am sure fans of the other teams in California have something unkind to say about that.  The name California Angels is almost as bad as their current name which I won't even mention.

Are sunglasses one of the fashion accessories that are timeless?  Style of sunglasses worn decades ago, still look grand today.  People still wear the style that Steve Yeager is sporting on this 1981 Fleer card and they look good while wearing them even if they are ugly.

Nick once again impressed me with the wide variety of cards that he sent me.  He sent me all types of cards that are going to look good in binders.  I can't wait until our next trade because he is a collector with enough collecting categories that it makes for a fun search.

Thank you for the cards, Nick!


Nick said...

Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoyed everything!

I wish I could afford those type of seats at Wrigley. That'd be a dream for me.

I know what you mean with that Robinson. As much as I want it to be a Dodger card, it goes into my Angels binder.

Anonymous said...

Agreed: Dimebox Nick is all class and we're lucky to have him contributing to the passion of the hobby and sharing his insights.

Great cards! That Robinson is certifiable vintage perfection. Beast of a card...