Thursday, March 14, 2013

Your My Dogg, Dog

When card collectors get together, we often talk about the different aspects of the  hobby.  We have conversations about what cards we have just picked up or maybe a sweet, victorious Ebay win.  The collecting world is so diverse and many cardboard hounds spend their days in various realms tracking down cards for their collection.

Some collectors go to sports card shops or card shows to purchase cards.  Other collectors order cards online and swing a deal with collectors hundreds of miles away.  We all may spend times in these different venues to acquire cards but, we also have our preferences, our little niche and comfort zone in our expansive hobby.

One of my friends is a high-end guy.  He busts expensive, classy hobby boxes of the major sports and sells the cards that he doesn't need online for some extra cash.  Selling on Ebay and opening high-end product is completely foreign to me, even though we both are involved in collecting the same Dodger cards.

We often exchange questions about our different corners of the hobby.  He asks me about the blog world and one of the questions that he asked was, "Who do you trade with the most?"  My answer was that I usually swap cards with fans of the big city teams with large fan bases.  Fans of the big clubs are the ones that collect their teams the most.

One team that doesn't really fall into the category of "big market team" is the San Diego Padres.  Over the past year, some Padres blogs have been popping up.  The NL West wasn't as well represented when I first started the Platter.  There was always a fair amount of Dodger blogs but, the other teams in the division weren't as prevalent in the blog world as they are today.

Padre cards used to just build up in my trade box until guys like the Underdog Card Collector started popping up.

The Under Dog must be able to appreciate a good under dog team like the Brooklyn Dodgers even though he is a Padres fan.  The Brooklyn Dodgers were the scrappy, lovable loser team of the first half of the 20th century.  While the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, the team endured much heartbreak and crushing World Series defeats.  The Dodgers only won the World Series once while in Brooklyn and that year was the classic victory over the New York Yankees in 1955.

The Under Dog sent me a nice stack of Brooklyn Cards like this Preacher Roe.  Many of the Brooklyn cards that he sent my way were from sets that are lacking in my collection.

An old school looking Topps card with some 2001 gold-ness splashed on the borders.  Campy is also painted to look dolled up and with enough make-up to be on his way to a stage on Broadway.

I also got some cards of macho looking ballplayers that aren't painted with a rosy hue.  Kirk Gibson looks like a bad ass with a blank blue cap while playing in a weekend beer league softball game.  Gibson was just chugging beers and eating Cap'N Crunch before his four homer game during his '88 beer league season.  You can never go wrong with a mustache and Cap'N Crunch.

This trade package was sent to me sometime ago and I am glad that I finally had the time to post about it.  The Gibson card alone makes this trade superb in my mind.

Thanks for the trade!