Friday, March 29, 2013

Live Archives Blaster Break Packs 1 and 2

I just ripped open the first couple of packs.  The thin card stock of 2012 Topps Archives still irks me and I feel Topps missed an opportunity to make this set one of last's years best.

If you are looking to build this set and need any base cards for trade, just let me know.  I have most of the Dodgers and assorted other players that I collect already from this set.  Leave a comment below of any numbers that you are searching for.

Pack 1:

This card of Ed Kranepool and his hairy arms was the best card of the first pack.  This is the Topps 1970 design.  The Kranepool is also one of the short printed "All Time Fan Favorites" cards.  I am not too familiar with Kranepool's career though.

Through the '69 season, he was batting .247 with 62 home runs.  That is all I got right now.  Maybe a Mets fan can chime in and give some insight on fan favorite Ed Kranepool?

Pack 2:

The 2012 Topps Archives set features older set designs with mostly modern players.  The '71 set design might be my favorite so far from this blaster.  It seems rare to see good conditioned with black borders.  I think most of the real '71 Topps cards in my collection look a little shabby.

The cloth sticker insert sets are top notch.  I remember some bloggers mentioning that this set had some cool inserts.  The cloth sticker set must be one of the best that Archives has to offer.  These are seeded 1 out of every 6 packs, so maybe today will be lucky for me and one more of these beauts are waiting for me.

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Roy-Z said...

The cloth inserts are great and original (not original, but they're not in any other modern sets.

I found one discounted Archives pack at Target and got a cloth sticker of Joe Morgan, great deal for $1.59.