Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hellish Weekend Coming

When you are relaxing on a Thursday afternoon, watching the beginning stage of the NCAA tourney unfold, and you know that this weekend is going to be hectic, it gives your mind a wide range of emotions.  I am currently completely relaxed, for the most part, just watching some exciting college basketball with the thought of the amount of school work that I have to accomplish creeping into my head every now and then.  That thought gives me an occasional twitch of nervousness.

I need to do something that will keep my mind distracted for a few moments.  Arriving at the Platter seems like a good idea!  I can free my mind here and hopefully entertain a handful of people.

Today seems like a good day for a trade post as the sounds of college basketball being played provide my background noise.  I still have a stack of trade packages to go through.  I should try to whittle those down as the school work piles up.

I recently completed a trade with Matt from the Cardboard Conundrum blog.  I at least believe it was a recent trade.  I have so many bubble mailers stacked and this one didn't have as much dust collected so, it must be fairly new.

This Takashi Saito was the centerpiece of the trade.  I probably sent Matt something good for this because I cherish cards of Saito.

The Saito may have been the centerpiece of our trade but, this was the favorite card that popped out of the team bag.  I may have to start adding Yu Darvish into Microsoft Excel.  Topps has been churning out plenty of his cards and people are kind enough to send some my way.

Darvish will probably get many more cards produced throughout his career after he had a solid rookie campaign last season.  Darvish also has some star qualities that will keep his popularity up among baseball fans.  Those star qualities are his ability to be a high strikeout pitcher on a good team, he is a star in America and a superstar in Japan and he also has flowing hair.  You can see a good glimpse of his mane on the card above and flowing hair always makes you more popular among everyone.

Now it is time to see if Gonzaga can close out their opening game against Southern.  Getting the day off during the college basketball tourney is golden.  So much sports on during one day and so much school work this weekend.  I guess it is kind of a fair trade off.

Thanks for the trade, Matt!

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Fuji said...

Darvish + 72 Topps design = Awesome

Damn... that Gonzaga game stressed me out. Glad to see they were able to stay alive.