Friday, March 29, 2013

Live Archives Blaster Break Packs 7 and 8

Live blogging as been a fun exercise for me.  It has been an exciting writing experience that I have really enjoyed.  I dig the rapid fire pace of writing as the thoughts creep into my head.  Posting multiple posts in short period of time seems like it was a good idea.  This is the type of idea that I should do more often.  Maybe I will start live blogging while opening packs in the future or if I have some random thoughts while sorting through some stacks of cardboard.

Whatever my next live blogging idea is, I will be sure to try it.  The Platter needs a jolt of newness now and again.  This is the type of endeavor that not only keeps things fresh for my tens of readers but, also keeps me interested as a blogger.

Without further ado, let me start the grand finale.....

Pack 7:

I always love it when I pull a reprint of a card that I own the original of.  It makes me feel special as a collector.  Even pulling a reprint of a '85 Topps Tony Gwynn makes me happy that I have the genuine '85 Topps Tony Gwynn.

The Padres need to bring back this color scheme and uniform.  Once they bring back these hats and jerseys, they then need to stick with it.  The Padres change their uniform design so often that sometimes I forget what their jersey looks like and they play the Dodgers a million times a year.

Pack 8:

Smaller sized card in 3-D featuring a legend named Al Kaline.  These cards aren't quite minis and slightly smaller than the average base card.  It fits somewhere in between mini and normal sized.  The 3-D version of a crowd shot is cool to look at as they sway with every shift the card makes.

I know that some of you are probably thinking that I rigged this break to make sure I showed an auto coming out of the last pack.  The folks that are thinking that are completely wrong.  This John Kruk signature actually did pop out of the last pack.  I will swear to that on the Platter Bible.

I am tempted to keep this autograph.  I am not saying that as some sort of negotiating ploy.  I will also swear to that on the Platter Bible.  Kruk was a fun player to watch and I wish he was still playing as he made me stop watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN.  He is also one of the many reasons I keep the volume low when I am watching a baseball game being broadcast on ESPN.  He is not the only reason I keep the volume low, ESPN has some awful announcers.

Kruk as a player was solid and it always seems more fun to watch fat guys with mullets play baseball as opposed to roided dudes with mullets playing baseball.  The fat guys just seem more like real human beings and somewhat sadly appear to look like the common man.

Like I said, this live break has been a lot of fun.  I will try something like this again real soon.  Please let me know if you need any of the base cards or some of the inserts.  There was only a handful of the cards that I am going to keep.

Thank you for following along.


Roy-Z said...

I like Dan Schulman, but Orel is senile and Kruky is a crumudgeony old bastard.

It's hilarious how he downcuts EVERY thing the Blue Jays do. So bitter over 1993.

night owl said...

Crap, now I'll be buying that discounted Archives blaster that I've walked past 4 times, and I don't even like Archives.

Stupid Kruk auto.

Stealing Home said...

I'm down for that Kruky auto, bro.
Have you seen anything lately at ATBATT that you like?
Let's talk in email. :)

Stealing Home said...

BTW - Sorry I missed ur live pack-ripping. I just now got home.

Brad's Blog said...

Sweet pull from a blaster, I have that Phillies auto set! (all 6 of them)

DodgerPenguin said...

nice pulls.

Anonymous said...

Nice pulls from the archive box, Spiegel! That I should be so lucky, I'd keep revisiting them myself!