Friday, March 29, 2013

Live Archives Blaster Break Packs 5 and 6

The base cards of this set get a big shrug from me.  I just can't get over the lousy card stock and I also can't stop complaining about it.  The inserts and short prints make this set interesting.  I thought those were the only things that made this set interesting.

Pack 5:

That was until I pulled a parallel from this set.  This is a golden, refractor type of card and the blast from the reflection has blinded me for a few minutes.  This card is so awesome looking that I thought about keeping this one.  Then I realized that it is just a shiny looking card of Trevor Cahill.

The short prints come in set designs that aren't featured in the regular Archives base set.  This makes them standout as you are sifting through the pack of cards.  I wasn't collecting cards back in the year 2000 so, this design looks refreshing and new to me.

This card also has a hard swinging action shot of current White Sox manager, Robin Ventura.  I wish Ventura the best of luck this season in Chicago.  I enjoyed watching him play baseball and his time with the Dodgers was pleasant to watch.

Pack 6:

Look!  A sticker card of a floating head!  Neat, old school font as well.  This kind of looks like the type of font that you may see plastered on the LA River.

Topps has been releasing some sticker cards in their sets over the years.  Have any of you guys actually stuck these anywhere?  Where is the funniest place that you have stuck a sticker card?

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