Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Still Type

It feels like it has been an awful, long time since my last blog post.  In my head, it feels like months have passed since the last time words have been typed at the Platter.  Only a couple week have elapsed since my last write-up.  It really feels a lot more time as passed since then, maybe I am just aging at a more rapid pace than the rest of the world.

One of my fears of taking some days off from the Platter, is that I will forget how to type a blog style post.  The fear being that I would get so wrapped up in the way college teaches you to write, that the randomness and seemingly carefree style of writing that the Platter fans are used to would be gone forever.

On a blog post, I don't have to worry about format, or "rules for writers," and themes or even grammar may take a backseat.  The Platter gives me an opportunity to have my own style and set of writing parameters without the overlooking eye of an intellectual English teacher.

I missed this little blog posting thing while I took a little break.  I am sure that some of the Platter super fans have missed seeing Nomo's Sushi Platter appear on their blogroll.

I have had a stack of Dodger cards that were rubber banded together for me and handed to me at Dodgers Fan Fest while standing in the longest line ever.  Oscar from the blog, All Trade Bait, All the Time, gave me a bunch of excellent Dodger cards while I was waiting for an autograph in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.  Since, he handed these over to me, I have been waiting to have a chance to post about some of the gems that he included in this trade stack.

One of the few things that I miss about Juan Pierre being on the Dodgers, is some of the quality baseball cards that he popped up on.  This Pierre is new to me and the black border and darkened background, highlight the spectacular catch Pierre is making.

I am also pretty sure that Pierre makes this catch, hops up on his feet and fires the ball to second base to double up an overaggressive base runner.  That happened, right?

Don Newcombe was a really solid hitter as well as a pitcher.  In 1955, Newcombe hit 9 doubles, mashed 7 home runs and even stole a base, all in only 117 at-bats.  Newcome slugged an astounding .632 during the Dodgers '55 championship season.

Pitchers should never take at-bats off.  Some pitchers just stand there, waiting for the opposition to throw 3 straight strikes.  Starting pitchers make a lot of money, even the bad or mediocre ones sign big deals, they should at least attempt to get a base hit.  Clayton Kershaw gives great at-bats and gets some hits and know how to lay down a sacrifice bunt.

I am looking forward to watching Hyun Jin Ryu getting some swings in this year.  Ryu is the Dodgers latest pitching import from Korea and the dude is a mammoth.  He has the waistline of Babe Ruth and could hopefully pitch like David Wells.

The Platter doesn't have many requirements or standards.  One of the rules that I try to self impose is showing a variety of card sets.  I try not to have a post with only cards from one particular set because that may bore a person that is just scanning through the photos of a post.

I do try to show off a piece of cardboard from the Ted Williams sets of the 90s.  The cards from the Ted Williams sets stand the test of time and look as glorious now as they did back in '93.  The double photo idea, with what appears to be Maury Wills peering at himself in amazement at how fast he could glide on the base paths, was a genius concept.

This is photography gold right here.  Mike Marshall sliding safely onto a base during the famed 1988 World Series.  Did the photographer dart onto the field for this picture?  How did they get such a close-up?

The Dodgers need to make another World Series soon.  Seeing a card like this one makes me both happy and sad.  So, they balance each other out and I am just left feeling numb.  I dream of 2014 Topps including a Dodger World Series card with Nick Punto diving safely into first base.

Yes, I do dream about the World Series, baseball cards and Nick Punto.  All the doctors that I have spoken with said that there is no cure for such dreams, I am just stuck with these thoughts as some sort of a curse.

Sorry for the delay on writing up this trade post, Oscar.  Since, you have already typed up about a hundred posts since the Dodgers Fan Fest.


gcrl said...

There were people here in MN (especially Ron gardenhire) who had that same dream with nick punto.

Good to see a post from you.

Nick said...

I, for one, was glad to see you pop up in my blogroll this afternoon.

That Newcombe is easily one of my personal favorites.