Sunday, March 31, 2013


The Dodgers hosted the Angels on Friday night in an exhibition game and this was the first time that Dodger Stadium was open after some renovations.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend this game and check out some of the updates that was completed during the off season.  Getting a chance to see the improvements made to beloved Dodger Stadium was what excited me most about attending this game.

The game itself actually turned out to be exciting and both teams had line ups full of stars.  Both squads played, pretty much their opening day rosters and this led to an exciting slug fest.  The Dodgers ended up winning 8-7 with the aid of an A.J. Ellis first inning grand slam.

Since this game didn't count in the standings, the real joy for me was being able to see these new video screens that I have been reading about.  I have been clamoring for more modern scoreboards and jumbo trons at Dodger Stadium for a while.  The screens add some much needed vibrancy to the ballpark and the images are crystal clear.  More game footage and replays were also shown throughout the game.

This is a shot of the jumbo tron in left field.  The screen is bigger than the one that they have had in the previous seasons and the images are full of more life and color.

I caught myself staring at the screens and checking out the stats that were displayed as well as some of the close-up shots that were shown of the players.  Watching the game felt more like the comfort of viewing at home on a nice HD flat screen television.

The team added new ledges and some tables along the back rows and edges of the concourses.  This is the view from a ledge that is perfectly made to place one's food or drink.  Dodger Stadium used to not have many places to post up for a drink other than your own seat.  Now, the stadium is littered with places for people to perch and still be able to watch the action on the field.  This gives fans the chance to stretch their legs a little and maybe see the game from a different vantage point than where they were sitting, all the while comfortably eating a Dodger dog and having a beer.

It is good seeing Carl Crawford healthy, hitting the ball hard and patrolling left field for the Dodgers.  The Dodgers were awful last season with batters in the lead off spot.  If Crawford, is at least an average hitter, then that will provide a huge upgrade from the number one hitter as opposed to the bums that tried that slot last season.

The stadium has a whole, has a higher level of cleanliness and positive vibes as in years past.  The stadium upgrades certainly help a lot and the new screens keep you more informed with the game action due to more replays and a clearer image.  I am pretty sure that everyone is able to view the screens from their seats now. Before there was some blind spots and you may miss some action without the aid of a replay.

Things are much better now with a solid ownership group that is keeping their promises so far.  I look forward to being able to see what changes have been made to the Left Field Pavilion as I will be cheering on the Doyers tomorrow afternoon.

Sleeping will be difficult tonight as I am overwhelmed with excitement due to the start of the 2013 baseball season.

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gcrl said...

It was good to see the stadium on tv today. It looks like they got rid of the greenery in the bullpens (and the old corrugated fiberglass) and they changed the style of the low fences in the left and right field corners. What else did you notice?