Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Autographed Baseballs and a Ballgame

The Dodgers hosted the Giants in the first series of the year.  The last Dodger game that I went to was the third game of the season against the Giants.  Dodgerbobble and I rolled to the game to watch the Dodgers lose a tightly fought battle with the Dodgers losing 5-3.

That put a damper on an otherwise fun night at Dodger Stadium.  Before the gloom of falling to hated ones to the north, Dodgerbobble and I arrived to the park about 15 minutes before the gates opened.  This gave us a chance to explore the ballpark a little more and see some of the new additions made on the different levels.

On opening day this year, I was sitting in the Left Field Pavilion and have roamed around the Field Level of the stadium before.  My next step was rising up to the Reserved Level where I heard about some life sized bobbles.

Sure enough some big headed bobbles have been placed by a Reserve Level entrance that is right next to a taco stand.  This was the prime spot for a photo-op and to try some of the new street tacos that the Dodgers  are selling now.  I should have taken a photo of the tacos that I scarfed down shortly after this photo was snapped.  I was eating the tacos in one hand, while reaching for my camera with the other, and by the time I finally plucked my camera from my pocket, the tacos were gone.

Maybe next time I will eat more like a human as opposed to a pig.

Dodgerbobble and I were also able to complete one of our ongoing trades of autographs.  We have made several trades by just setting aside some nice signatures, that we have acquired through various avenues and exchanging them every month or so.

This time Dodgerbobble raised the bar in our trade agreement.  He had an extra Yasiel Puig autographed baseball for trade and was willing to hand it over to me.  Puig has the makings of the next Dodger superstar.  The first outfielder to get hurt on the big league club, will open the door to the majors for Puig.

I am happy to get an autograph of his before he hits stardom and these may be harder to come by.  Puig was already getting tons of hype from his scorching performance in spring training.

This is my first Nomar Garciaparra signature.  Dodgerbobble had gotten this one at a charity soccer game in Carson, CA.  Nomar was a decent player for the Dodgers and he is a local kid that grew up going to Dodger games.  His signature was much needed in my collection.

Dodgerbobble also game me some baseball cards and some of which also had signatures of ballplayers on them.  I may show those at another time.  I owe him a little more for our next trade because I consider a Puig and Nomar signed ball to be a pretty good get for a Dodger collector.


Stealing Home said...

Pretty good gets? Those sigs are awesome gets!

Dodgerbobble said...

Its my pleasure bro! Can't wait for our next trade and our bext trip to the Ravine.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Sounds like you had a good time.
Congrats on the sigs.

DodgerPenguin said...

nice pickups.
I kept missing puig so I just gave up and paid for it at his appearance a couple weeks ago