Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Pressure

The hectic, mind-spinning school year began last week.  I have just survived my second week of classes without falling behind with my workload.  I knew this Spring semester was going to be a tough grind.  I was mentally prepared to handle whatever five page essay chaos was thrown my way.

The thought of posting frequency at the Platter didn't cross my mind.  The entire winter break I was training my mind to be like Rocky 4 except I wasn't training to fight some big Russian meat head, I was toughening up for college.

No such training exercises were used for Platter upkeep this winter though.  The Platter will get less attention over the next couple months.  I was even thinking about writing some simple, quick witted posts rather than the usual post length.

When responsibility comes your way, you must push your hobbies aside.  I will at least still trade actively.  I can't see trading completely exit my life for any schooling reason.  Blogging and purchasing cards will be placed on the back burner for the time being.

This has been my first post in a week.  It has been awhile since that has happened.  The super Platter fans are in for a treat tonight.  Follow me down the zigzagging cardboard path on a journey of cardboard randomness.

This A.J. Ellis card may be my favorite Dodger base card of 2013 so far.  Ellis looks like he is scheming with Clayton Kershaw to strike some chump hitter out.  The scheming worked in 2012 as Kershaw went on to strike our 229 and maybe some of the plans laid out by Ellis helped out on some of those.

This card was sent to me by Mark from the blog called This Way to the Clubhouse.  The last post he wrote up is about 1997 Topps Stadium Club.  Whenever a blogger features some cards from Stadium Club sets, it is worth checking out.  The Darryl Strawberry card that Mark features on that post makes me miss watching Strawberry play baseball and also misses when the old Yankee Stadium had a loud and enthusiastic crowd showing up to roar.

The Daily Dimwit and I have made several trades during our shared time in the blog world.  He sent me this auto sometime ago.  Ike Davis is a solid young power hitter for the New York Mets.  Sadly, Ike Davis is unable to fit 8 letters on a baseball card and his signature veers off into no chromesville.

The entire Mets organization needs to get their act together.  They are a mess from the top all the way down to the way Ike Davis signs his name.

This Wade Boggs auto was obtained for a few bucks at my local card shop.  It was just dangling on the bid board with the ink of blue sharpie calling my attention.  The shop owner says that the seller is trustworthy and reliable.  I also know that Boggs signs a lot through the mail.  That is most likely the way the seller acquired this card.

This is my first Boggs auto towards my Hall of Fame collection if this signature is legit.  Does anyone else have a Wade Boggs signed card to compare this to?

I hope it is real because three dollars for a hall of fame player is a bargain.

I will try to post again soon.  No promises so, try to reread this post to savor in my words once again.


Play at the Plate said...

You'll have a lifetime to blog so if you have to slow down for school, everyone will be cool with that. Best of luck and rest assured that we'll be here when you do get to post.

Stealing Home said...

Yup - Enjoy school, good luck, and we'll fill in the gaps till you get back. :)

night owl said...

You can compare that Boggs auto to this one, which is legit:

Yours looks legit to me!

Arno said...


Swing And A Pop-up said...

Good luck with your studies. That's what is important. I just subscribed to your blog and when you do post, I'll read it.

Steve D. said...

Good luck bro! One of the reasons why I never started a blog was because I was in grad school at the time and didn't think I could commit much time to a blog.

Night Owl posted the exact same card, but this is my own Boggs TTM return from last November.

Steve D. said...

Forgot the link:

Nick said...

Best of luck with school! I'm sure my blogging will take a slight hit as well once I finally leave community college after this semester.

Mark Kaz said...

Another PWE is on its way to you, sir. Since you sent me two R.A. cards, that's only fair. However, I'm having second thoughts about that after your not-so-subtle jab at Ike and the Mets... Haha!