Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Met Clayton Kershaw!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend I had the great privilege of meeting the wonderful Clayton Kershaw.  Kershaw was at a free autograph signing in La Mirada,CA at a Living Spaces.  I knew this was going to be a crazy event.  Kershaw is wildly popular in LA and he should be wildly popular all over the country but, that is a post for another day.  There were hundreds of people at this event.  I have know idea how what the exact number was but it was the crowd was immense.  My party and I arrived around 5am for a scheduled 10am signing.  There were already at least hundred people ahead of us in line.

This wasn't the most organized autograph session that I have been to.  It was the most crowded.  At one point when the Living Spaces employee started handing out wristbands, a mob began rushing towards her.  People were cutting in line and getting rowdy.  Luckily, the Living Spaces staff got there act together and handed out wristbands in a more orderly fashion. 

The rush and disorganization by the Living Spaces staff could have been worse than it was.  I was just thinking that this event could turn into a mini riot considering there were hundreds of people in line who have been there for several hours.  It could have turned into another blemish on the Dodgers season to go along with the Bryan Stow beating, Frank McCourt and the on-field problems.  But, I am thankful that Living Spaces settled the crowd down and the event went smooth after the initial chaos.

Kershaw seemed a little overwhelmed when he came in through the front door of the store.  I think he was shocked that that many people had came to meet him. 

The ball that I got signed was from a complete game that Kershaw pitched against the Florida Marlins earlier this year.  The ball was pitched by Kershaw to Omar Infante and Infante hit a screaming liner right at my dad.  We were sitting in the 5th row by third base.  My dad quickly put up his hands to defend himself and the line drive bounced off his wrist.  Luckily, he only got a bruise and we got the ball.  Now that same ball is signed by Clayton Kershaw!

Since, I went to this event with Josh from Dodgerbobble, I was able to swing a trade.  I traded him an in person Mark Trumbo autograph that we got together a couple weeks back.  I love GUs that are from specific events.  So, I picked up this Rafael Furcal GU workout jersey from last year's all star game.  Great card from soon to be ex-Doyer.


dodgerbobble said...

I don't think Clayton looked up once for a picture.

Reivax said...

He looks so young out of uniform, lol

Greg Zakwin said...

The ball looks great!

A2 Wolverine said...

Nice pickup! I wish we had free signings out here in the Detroit metro area.