Monday, July 25, 2011

Torii Hunter Bobble head

I love bobble heads!  Most of the ones I own are Dodger bobble heads that I got at Dodger Stadium.  Over the weekend I saw Greg from Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle at a Clayton Kershaw autograph signing.  We had been working on a trade for me to obtain a Torii Hunter bobble head that he got at a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game.  I traded him a Don Drysdale bobble head that I had two of. 

This bobble head looks very odd to me.  It doesn't look like Hunter at all.  It seems kind of racist and outdated by today's standards.  This is definitely unique which is what drew me into trying to acquire it.  Hunter is wearing a gold glove, which is awesome.  I wish a player will actually wear a gold glove and play the field.  Preferably, a player that plays awful defense to at least show the fans that he has a sense of humor about it.

This post kind of seems like a post that you would see on Dodgerbobble and he may be suing me for plagiarism right now.  I hope Josh views this post as a compliment.

Here is a side view.  This view also shows off my kitchen.  After getting this bobble head, I may be looking to expand my bobble head PC.  I may start collecting ones that I find funny, unique or just plain cool.  Maybe even one that consists of all three of those things.  Do you guys trade bobble heads for cards?

The side of the box lets us know that Hunter played for the Quakes for three games on a rehab stint.  He played pretty well going 3 for 9 with a homer.  That type of performance must have earned him a bobble head.


Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks again for Dandy Don!

dodgerbobble said...

This bobblehead offends,!

I think that's a great idea, funny, unique, strange bobbleheads. This is the perfect one to start with.

BTW, your Kershaw picture has been sent.