Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trade Bait Draft Recap:Hits Edition

The Trade Bait Draft that was hosted by Spastik Mooss on his blog The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame was amazing.  I think I did pretty well for myself.  I was very happy with the cards that I got.  If you haven't joined his Trade Bait Draft yet, I highly recommend signing up for the next one.

I am going to start with some of the cards that Spastik Mooss sent me from his first Trade Bait Draft.  There was a little mix up as far as one of the cards that I picked last time.  The card wasn't in his possession and wasn't sent to me yet.  But, no worries, Spastik Mooss sent me some Hideo Nomo hits to make up for it.

I feel he more than made up for it.  He sent me some Nomo game used cards that have stitching!  I always like getting Nomo cards but, I don't have many that have stitching on the piece of jersey.  I have a handful now, thanks to Spastik Mooss.

He also sent me these two.  Topps Gallery has to be one of my favorite sets.  This is my first relic from this set and its of Hideo Nomo.  Awesome! 

Now onto the cards that I picked in the last Trade Bait Draft.  The card on top is a Rafael Palmeiro Game Used Batting Glove.  This is my first card that features a game used batting glove.  I wasn't a fan of Palmeiro or even watched him play too many games.  I do know that he used steroids, viagra and had a cool mustache.  This is a very cool card.

The bottom card is of Reggie Miller.  I picked this card because I am a UCLA basketball fan and that is where Miller went to school.  This card has a piece of game floor that Miller played on during his NBA career.  I don't have any other cards that feature a piece of floor. 

Both these cards fit into my collection due to the uniqueness of the cards.

I also drafted a couple rookie cards that will fit into my personal collection.  I liked watching Brady Quinn play at Notre Dame.  He was a really good college player.  Does he even play in the NFL?  What happened to his career?

I think the Chin Lung Huuuuuu auto was my first pick.  I had to come away from this draft with at least one sweet Dodger auto.  There weren't too many Dodger hits to choose from but, I am satisfied with my Huuuuuu auto.

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hiflew said...

I might have to trade for that Quinn if you don't want to keep it. Tim's drafts have left me with relics of Tim Couch, Derek Anderson, and Charlie Frye. I may have to start a Cleveland QB sampler collection.

BTW, Quinn is the back up in Denver now. Behind Tebow.