Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trade Recap,Group Break Winnings, And A Trade Made In A Bar!

Long live the trade post!  There was some conversation about the death of the trade post in the blog world.  The trade post still serves a purpose.  I enjoy reading them and writing them.  It lets me see what other people collect and what others may want.  It also shows me the generosity in the blog world.  There are tons of generous traders out and about.  I haven't trade with everyone in the blog world yet but, I'll get around to it at some point.

This post is covering several bases for me today.  I had a small build up of packages to go through and post about.  I also have a stack of cards that I need to catalog and put into binders.  Once, I do that then I will be able to get some more trades going.

We'll start this multi-purpose post with some cards that were sent to me by Godfather Night Owl.  I think that probably everyone that is reading this post has checked out his blog and has loved it.  Night Owl sent me a nice stack of Doyers.  These two are of 2011 All-Stars Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw. 

I have been searching for a 2009 Topps 206 Clayton Kershaw for awhile.  I even busted a box of this product and still didn't get this Kershaw card.  Luckily, Godfather Night Owl came through and sent this out to me.  The 2009 Topps 206 Kershaw can be scratched off my list now.

Since the Dodgers are about to sweep the Padres, I thought I would show a couple cards of ex-Dodger and current Padre, Orlando Hudson.  I really liked Orlando's short stint as a Dodger.  I don't root against him even though he is on a division rival.  The blue border on the Topps Opening Day set looks awesome.  Blue borders make Dodger cards even better.  Also, serial numbered gold will never go away nor should it.  Gold is a classic standard among parallels.  Good luck this afternoon, Orlando!

Minis!!!!!!!!  I am a big fan of minis.  Godfather Night Owl always sends me a solid variety of Dodger cards.  Cards of all shapes and sizes.  These minis are fantastic!  I especially like the 2010 Topps 206 Hiroki Kuroda.  It looks like a Kuroda mugshot.  Kuroda may be traded soon due to the Dodgers crap season.  He has played well for the team and I hope he has success to whatever contending team picks him up.  GM Ned Colletti will probably screw the trade up and get a bag of junk for Kuroda.  Best of luck to your next team, Kuroda!

Thank you for the cards, Godfather Night Owl.  We will trade again real soon.

Johnny from the blog called Cards From The Quarry.  Johnny hosts a monthly group break that I joined last month.  He was able to pull a bunch of Dodgers for me which was probably frustrating for him to see so much Dodger Blue.  It was a joyous time for me though.  Check out his blog now as he is trying to fill his July group break.  I am broke and won't be taking the Dodgers this month so, the several other Dodger collectors can claim away.

He pulled a sweet 1996 Studio Hideo Nomo for me.  Nomo smiley face!  Also, as part of a trade that we made, he sent me a serial numbered Andre Ethier RC. 

Johnny busted some packs of 2004 Topps Chrome as part of his group break.  I love chrome cards when they are flat and not curled up.  These are two shiny Dodger cards.  The Dave Roberts is a gold bordered refractor.  Very sweet!  Roberts is also the first base coach of the soon to be swept San Diego Padres.  Thank you for pulling me so many Dodgers, Johnny!  I should have more finances to be able to join your August group break.

I enjoy cards from a good painted set.  Diamond King cards should somehow make a comeback.  The art work is cool and so many collectors grew up collecting Diamond Kings.  These cards were received from blogger Napkin Doon.  He has a well kept blog and posts on a regular basis.  He also has a really cool LCS that hosts an auction night.  Napkin seems to be able to get good deals on some cardboard.

Napkin purchased a bunch of Mike Piazza and Rauuuul Mondesi cards from the 90s had one of the auction nights.  I, of course, had to make a trade with him for any dupes that he didn't want.  Napkin is becoming one of my favorite trade partners.  We have made maybe two or three trades together and each one has been superb.

Here is a sampling of some of the Rauuul Mondesi cards that Napkin sent me.  1994 Fleer Ultra may be one of my favorite sets of all time.  I opened so many of these packs as a kid.  The base cards have the golden touch and the inserts were just awesome.  The inserts in Fleer sets were vast and inventive.  Please comeback Fleer!  The baseball card industry needs some creativity.  Thanks for the trade package, Napkin!

I saved the bar trade for last.  I haven't made a trade in a bar before.  A buddy of mine had mentioned that he had a Steve Yeager and Steve Sax bat relic for trade/sale.  I was interested because my collection lacks a relic from either of these two guys.  He said his price was a couple beers.  Luckily, we were throwing a few back before going to Dodger Stadium anyways.  Also, it was happy hour.  I couldn't pass up on that deal and bought him a couple pre-game pints for these two cards.  Sweet deal and I am open to making more trades in a bar setting.


dodgerbobble said...

Beer for cards? Sweet deal!

dawgbones said...

nice trade, and a schweet looking 7 jersey there as well...

hiflew said...

Glad you liked everything and no worries about missing this one. The spot will be warm for you in August.

Colbey said...

Can't say that I've ever made a trade in a bar since I don't drink, but cool none the less.

WV: poosack - I'm not kidding!

Napkin Doon said...

Thanks for the trade Spiegel! I posted about it myself, which I know you know, since you already commented. I seriously owe you some cards!