Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spiegel Is A Fan Of Contests!!!

This may come as no surprise, but I do enjoy contests.  Actually, let me rephrase that, I enjoy winning contests.  Wes from the blog Jaybarkerfan's Junk has been giving away cards all summer.  Wes recently held a contest and I think everyone who entered came away with some prize.  I may be wrong but, I do know I was a winner.

I sign up for a lot of contests in the blog world.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't.  I am always happy with whatever I get in return.  It usually takes a minimal amount of effort and you get free cards if you win.  It is a great deal for the blog reader.  I thank Wes for hosting this particular contest and I also want to thank all the other bloggers for hosting contests.  You guys are cooler than I.

This was the main prize that Wes sent me.  Most other collectors wouldn't appreciate a card like this.  But, I remember as a kid in the 90s and hearing about Karim Garcia.  He was the next big thing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He was once a prized prospect that never really became a big time player.  He still had a long career and bounced around the big leagues but, was never a super star.

This card is an autograph from 1995 Classic.  It is also on-card which makes it even more valuable to me.  I do enjoy collecting autographs of all Dodgers.  I also like collecting Dodger autos of once hyped but failed prospects.  This Karim Garcia auto fits in with other autos that I have like Andy LaRoche and Chin Lung Hu.  Next on my list is finding an auto of Angel Pena.  Maybe someone in the blog world can help me out with that one.

Wes also sent me some other goodies.  This card is awesome!  This is a 3-D mini of ex-Dodger employee Steve Garvey.  Garvey recently was fired by the Dodgers because he has been trying to get an investment group together to buy the team.  Except, as of right now, the team isn't for sale and Garvey was on the Dodger payroll.  You certainly don't want to publicly try to oust your boss while your boss is signing your checks.  I am also not sure if I feel comfortable with Garvey leading a group to buy a team.  Garvey has done some scummy things in his past like money troubles, cheating on his wife, illegitimate children, and trouble paying his taxes.  The Dodgers already have a sleazy owner and that is not working out well.  I do hope that once the team gets a new owner that Garvey gets his job back in the community relations department.  Garvey is a good guy to have around and make appearances on behalf of the Dodgers. 

This is a 2011 Topps Reprint Roy Campanella Original Back.  I have a ton of reprints of Campy but this is an Original Back.  The Original Backs from this set are so tough to pull.  They must be one per a box.  It may be easier getting a relic than an Original Back.  Thanks for sending this one to me,Wes.  One of these days I may own the original, real deal version of this card. 

I don't own many basketball cards.  I have some cards of UCLA players and of Omri Caspi.  This is the first old school NBA card in my collection.  This is a 1979 Topps Foots Walker card.  Great name,Foots!  I also miss these old school Cavs jersey that Foots is wearing.  It kind of looks like a more modern Atlanta Hawks jersey.  Very nice throw in, Wes.  This card was a pleasant surprise to my winnings and a welcome addition to my PC.

Thanks again,Wes!  Keep up your summer of giving.  I am sure people are a fan of yours all over the blog world.

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Glad you enjoyed them!