Sunday, March 18, 2012

Everybody's Favorite New Blog

Since the debut of a blog called, Dime Boxes-The Low End Baseball Card Collector's Journey, the blog world has been showing tons of love for the blog creator, Nick.  Nick writes great post after great post.  He writes a couple posts a day.  He may even write three a day at times.  The kid is a machine.

Nick writes quality posts about his massive collection that he amasses by digging through glorious dime boxes.  He also has a wide range of collections.  I have a feeling that Nick would get some joy, if you sent him a bubble mailer full of cards that just look cool.  Some nice photography, maybe an oddball card or some random vintage.

Between writing a ton of posts, Nick actually has time to trade.  I told you he is a machine.  I received on nice lot from Nick.  The bubble mailer was full of Japanese player cards and some cards from my player collections.  A really nice variety.  Some of the cards probably resided in a dime box somewhere for weeks, maybe even months.  It wasn't until Nick saved these cards from an old, crusty card dealer that they could find a good home.  A home that will cherish Jeff Weaver cards with him wearing the grand Doyer uniform with the ugly "A" on the bottom of the card.  Thank you for rescuing these cards, brother.

I just had to give some back story for these cards.  It helps me appreciate them better.

This is a nice shiny Takashi Saito card from 2008 Spectrum.  Laser beams seem to be shooting out from behind Saito.  Upper Deck must have gotten this laser beam idea from a Michael Jackson music video during the "Off the Wall" era.

Good call, Upper Deck.

Nick sent me a slew of Ichiro cards.  These are a couple of my favorites.  An Ichiro card from 2001 always fits into my collection.  Especially one with some snazzy coloring and a circular photo.  I just dig the 2002 Leaf design on the next card.

Nick was kind enough to give me a lot of Ichiro cards.  He must have a lot of dupes in his collection.  Ichiro's baseball career is winding down.  I wonder what he is going to do in his post playing career.  I hope he stays in the MLB in some capacity.

From Ichiro Suzuki to Kurt Suzuki, here is some 2012 Topps Gold.  Everybody has seen these.  I still haven't gotten too many of them for my Dodger and player collections.  Has 2012 Topps been a flop? Has the blog world successfully boycotted this product?  The '87 minis haven't been showing up in my mailbox too often neither.

I am trying to not buy packs of these.  I may have to buy some to try and get the cards I need.  I would rather try to trade for the gold parallels.

I love the Cracker Jack sets.  If I was collecting in 2005, I would have been busting boxes of this product.  The retro look with the bright colors works well.  This set may have over saturated the retro set market at the time.  But, it stands the test of time.

With all the praise that Nick gets for his blog, he is probably brimming with confidence.  All the compliments hasn't stopped him from posting on a daily basis.  He hasn't hit the wall or gotten lazy yet.  Keep up the good work, Nick.  Thanks for the trade.

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Nick said...

Thank you very much for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the cards!