Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keep'em Coming

I usually get backed up on writing trade posts.  The blog world sends me such nice cards and the bubble mailer is always full of a wide variety.  The team bags full of Dodgers, Ichiros, and Kinslers take more time to sort and comb through.

Getting an autograph through the mail is a different process.  The cards arrive in a small plain white envelope that I self addressed.  I usually send 2-3 cards.  Sometimes a player may keep a card but that is not too often.  I usually get all my cards back nice and signed.

Juan Samuel played on the Dodgers between the years 1990-1992.  Earlier in his career with the Philadelphia Phillies, Samuel hit a ton of triples.  He twice led the league in triples while with the Phils.  The triple is one of my favorite plays in baseball.  Speed flying around the base paths while diving into third for a triple is fun to watch.

Samuel now coaches for the Phillies.  I sent this to there spring training site.  Samuel used a nice thin black sharpie for his signature.  The autograph looks really nice.

A thin sharpie is going to be my preferred choice for baseball card autographs.  I need to pick up a blue one for this coming baseball season.  The free Dodger signings around LA will be starting up soon.

 This 1992 Upper Deck card is my favorite of Juan Samuel.  His mustache is looking suave as he dives back into first base.  He is safe by a finger.  I hope the umpire got it right.  Either way, the Dodgers won this game by 11 runs.  They dominated the Giants that day.

Thanks to Juan Samuel!

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'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

Great auto!! I got him TTM a few years ago when he was with the Orioles - his auto is a lot cleaner on your cards than on mine...