Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Restoring the Faith

The Dodgers have been sold to a group that includes Magic Johnson.  I am sure that a ton of people in the baseball world have heard about this.  The news break just hours ago and several posts have been up in the blog community already.  I have gotten messages from every form of social media to share the joy that a group with Magic and a bunch of rich dudes has bought the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Frank McCourt is gone and the smiling face of Magic Johnson will be greeting Dodger fans.  Magic brings instant trust among Dodger fans.  He is so beloved in this city that he actually brings optimism to Dodger fans.  I am a leader among cynical Dodger fans.  Even I am happy about this.  I can actually type the words, "I look forward to the Dodgers future."

I am not really sure if I have ever thought that before.  Magic is a champion.  He is an LA champion.  He can't let us down.

There are several other people in the group that includes Magic.  The group includes Mark Walter who is the CEO of Guggenheim Partners which controls billions of dollars worth of assets.  Peter Guber who is a film producer is part of things and so is Stan Kasten.  A couple executives from Guggenheim Partners are involved, they are name Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly.

These are a good mix of smart guys with cash and Stan Kasten is a great baseball mind.  Kasten ran the Atlanta Braves in the 90s when they were a model and beast franchise.

I trust this group.  Magic wouldn't get in a 2 billion dollar business deal with a bunch of crooks and scumbags.  Magic is the face of this group.  He will be front and center answering the tough questions from the media.  It is easier to smile for the cameras when the team you run is winning and being run smoothly.  I would at least presume so.

The new era of Dodger baseball begins this year.  Magic won't let us down.  McCourt will someday be a distant memory in the minds of Dodger fans.  The one man that can make us all happy and optimistic is now the face of the Dodgers.

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