Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Dude With Glasses

The autographs through the mail just keep on pouring in.  The guys that I send to are from all different spectrum's of Doyerness.  I have gotten returns from old school Brooklyn guys Don Zimmer and Carl Erskine. I have also sent out to and got a return from Dodger goats like Tom Niedenfuer.  Also, from a dude that is considered a hero like Ron Cey.

My latest return is from an ex-Doyer that is more known for his eye wear than his ability to get base hits.  That is an entirely new category.  Their aren't too many players that are known more for their glasses than there baseball skills.

Jason Phillips was a Dodger briefly for one season in 2005.  That season was just awful for the Dodgers as they won only 71 games.  Phillips raked to a .650 OPS.  Only Dioner Navarro is impressed by that stat.

I did enjoy watching Phillips play that season though.  The season was pathetic so, any good baseball loyalist  still suffers and watches his team lose, only to crack smart ass jokes about his floundering team.  This team had a lot of punchlines.

While watching this team, I had the joy of laughing at Jose Valentin's mustache, Yhency Brazban's waistline and Jason Grabowski just for being Jason Grabowski.  Laughing at this group of misfits that were banded together in 2005 was the only way that I could make it through a dismal season without lighting myself on fire.

Phillips was fun to watch because everything seemed awkward for him on a baseball field.  Nothing came easy and natural for him but, he still had a 7 year career.  That is impressive.

I also loved hearing jokes about his glasses.  The most common one that I heard several times from various people:

"Phillips is wearing glasses but, hits like a blind man"

Thank you, Jason Phillips for the 2005 season and for these two autographs.


Mariner1 said...

Jason is the bullpen catcher now in Seattle. He even got married in a ceremony in the pen at Safeco Field. Pretty cool idea.

Dodgerbobble said...


I got Janet to start watching the Dodgers that year. She was infatuated with Mike Edwards. Remember him?

Ryan H said...

Phillips has a nice signature. It looks great on the Heritage card.