Thursday, March 15, 2012

Upper Class Base Cards

Some sets are released by Topps that I never open.  Sets like Topps Tribute and Topps Marquee aren't in my buying price range.  Those cards are way too classy for me.

I am cool with that though.  The upper class base cards of these sets are always available for trade.  Some card collectors are daring enough to bust open boxes or packs of these products.  Those dudes are always willing to trade some glossy finished cards with me.

2011 Topps Marquee cards are a little thicker than the usual base card.  This Sandy Koufax also has a nice gloss and glistens under some artificial light in my bedroom.

Ryan from the blog called "O" No!! Another Orioles Blog sent me a couple 2011 Topps Marquee cards.  This Koufax is my favorite of the two.  The image of Koufax striking out a chump and the Dodger Stadium crowd loving every inning of greatness is splendid.

I don't remember Topps using this image of Jackie Robinson.  This card of a legend seems fresh and modern to me.  Topps must save some random, old school Jackie images for there upper class sets.

After seeing, these two cards, it makes me tempted to seek out some other base cards from this set.  Thank you for opening my eyes to this set, Ryan.

Ryan also sent me some cards of current Dodgers.  This is a nice shade of blue for a Dodger parallel.  Topps should use this color way more often.

Whenever I get a Bowman card, I have to turn over the card to check the year of the set.  I can't tell the sets apart year after year.  Change things up, Bowman. Make your cards unique.  Make them stand out from each other.  I still won't buy packs of Bowman.  It is too prospect heavy for my tastes.

I am just trying to lookout for Bowman collectors.

Also, this card is numbered out of 500.  This Matt Kemp is a great shade of blue and has a nice serial number.  Awesome!

Kevin Youkilis is a player I kind of collect.  I don't seek out his cards too often.  He has a lot of cards out there and I willingly except them in trades.

I just flipped the Matt Kemp Blue Parallel to check the year about a minute ago.  I just did the same thing to check this Youkilis Gold Parallel.  Freaking Bowman!

This card has a really weird color of gold to it.  It has a hint of mustard.  Not a very flattering look.  This card fits into my collection nonetheless and is serial numbered out of 50.

This is a 2006 Upper Deck Kaz Matsui #1062.  Wait.  What!?!?  Card #1062?

That is a big base set.  Surprisingly, I don't see too many cards from this set.  I may not even have all the Dodgers I want from this set.  This is one of my favorite cards that Ryan sent my way.  I love how the photo shows the ball on the way to Matsui's glove. Does he make the play?

That suspense in action makes this card great.

Also, what was the opinion of collectors to have a card set of over 1000 cards like 2006 Upper Deck did?  I imagine some set collectors may have been mad.  But, some team or player collectors may have dug it.  A card set of this size would have cards of players that you normally wouldn't see in your average base set.  I enjoy getting a Doyer card of a middle reliever semi-prospect.

Thank you for the trade!


Stealing Home said...

that koufax card is awesome.

"striking out some chump" - priceless

night owl said...

The Kemp looks great, and that's tough to do with Bowman.

I ended up with a lot of 2006 Upper Deck. It was in a bunch of repacks when I was buying those like crazy.

Ryan H said...

HAHA, I hope you don't think that I'm the guy that busted those Marquee packs! I actually rescued those cards from a $.25 a piece box at a show last fall with you in mind.

Ryan H said...

2006 Upper Deck was one of the hardest sets to complete. There were a ton of SP's in that set. Plus, how the hell do you store a 1250 card set in 800 count boxes?

Dodgerbobble said...

That Kemp is sick! I love that shade of blue.

I can't believe there's a set with 1,000+ cards in it.