Friday, October 5, 2012

Playoff Fever

In years past, when the Dodgers were done for the year, I stopped watching baseball.  If the Dodgers didn't make the playoffs or were eliminated from the post season, my baseball season ended as well.  I would just be too depressed to watch anymore baseball.

This year, I am going to try something different and I am going to closely follow the Dodger-less playoffs.  I would kind of casually know what was going on in the past Dodger-less playoffs and may see bits of games. This playoffs I am going to watch chunks or full games.  The one game elimination wild card system has intrigued me.  I had fun watching most of the Rangers and Orioles game.

Since the Orioles beat the Rangers 5-1, I feel somewhat obligated to write a post that has something to do with the Baltimore Orioles.  I don't have any Orioles cards to show.  What I do have is some cards that were sent to me by a Baltimore Orioles fan

Ryan who writes the blog called "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog, is probably thrilled right now.  He is probably celebrating in a safe but, rowdy way.  Ryan may be dancing in the streets with thousands of other long suffering Orioles fans who now have some joy in their baseball loving souls.

The green background of this Hideo Nomo card that Ryan sent me reminds of the Ecto Cooler juice boxes I drank as a kid.  Slimer from the Ghost Busters must have oozed his way through this card.

Now that Topps has included autographs of baseball general managers in their 2012 Topps Update sets, will they include cards or autos of base coaches?

I ask because some teams have base coaches that I would like to see pop up in Topps sets.  Maybe some new cards of Davey Lopes that always looks grump but still really cool.

Former Dodger Dave Roberts is the first base coach of the San Diego Padres.  I sadly don't have many cards of Roberts in a Dodger uniform.  He was a speedy, always active player that should have been a cardboard superstar.  At this point I will accept a Padre Dave Roberts card of him in a flap less helmet staring with great focus into the dugout.

I have many versions of this 2010 Topps Chrome Russell Martin card.  I love having a full page of all the different versions of a particular card.  It makes for nice viewing while flipping through my binders.

Martin will probably be a make a return to the Dodgers as an aging back up 6 years from now.  I just wanted to write that down in a time stamped blog post to gloat to all my Dodger friends when that prediction comes true.

Thanks for the trade, Ryan.  Your cards will be on their way soon.

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Ryan H said...

I celebrated by going to bed with a huge smile on my face! Glad you liked the cards!