Saturday, October 20, 2012

Many Tasks

The hobby of baseball card collecting can be time consuming.  An entire day can be spent tending to your collection.  Hours can be occupied organizing and sorting your baseball cards.  I feel that is one of the better parts of the hobby.

Some people may have simpler, bland hobbies that aren't as time consuming.  Those folks may have hobbies that don't involve a psychotic level of attention to detail.

I love the hobby that I chose.

Earlier to day I got to go to my local card shop and purchase some baseball cards.  I then brought those cards home to sort in various spots such as in trade packages or in piles to be placed in binders at some point later tonight.

I also went through some trade packages that were sent out to the Platter recently.  One of those bubble mailers came from the Diamond King, who sent me this Fernando auto.  A signed Fernando Diamond King card from the Diamond King.


The Diamond King also sent me this autograph of Claude Osteen.  Osteen was a solid pitch for the Dodgers.  He helped them win the 1965 World Series.  He pitched 14 innings against the Twins that series and had a 0.64 ERA.

Almost as important as Osteen dominating in the World Series while wearing a Dodger uniform, is his first name Claude.  That is a sweet name.  For all the folks that are reading this blog and are thinking about having kids or have one on the way, please consider the name Claude.  You would be doing America a favor.

Thanks for the trade, Diamond King.  Your cards are packaged and will be sent out on Monday.

One more thing before I go, I have recently sent out some cards to Check Out My Cards.  The cards have been processed and are up for some bidding.  Please check out my page and email me a link to your store on that site if you want.


Fuji said...

Sweet Valenzuela! He's one of my favorite Dodgers of all-time.

Stealing Home said...

like fuji said - absolutely sweet.
those are 2 solid autos of 2 solid pitchers.